Traditional chinese wedding ceremony procedure

Follow are several traditional Chinese Wedding ceremonies that is commonly practiced in Singapore:

Ritual of Hair Brushing

The evening prior to the large day, the marriage couple will need to shower themselves with water implanted with pomegranate leaves that is thought to defend against evil. After that, the wedding couple will get their hair brushed in 4 times, ideally with a lady that has had prosperity (i.e. With husband who’s still alive, and children).

Each stroke has a corresponding meaning. The first brushing blessed the couple to last a lifetime; the 2nd, harmony of the marriage; the 3rd, a gift for children and grandchildren; and  the 4th, a healthy body and fortune.

Marriage Gifts

It is a practice that the groom along his friend will visit the Bride’s family  bringing an even number of gifts. It should be done during Guo Da Li, (Singapore’s term for Marriage Gifts). This commonly happens few weeks before the day of the wedding. On this occasion, 12 pig trotter’s cans, 2 hard liquor bottles, 18 pieces of orange, 2 sets of phoenix and dragon candles and other small items are included. Usually,  these stuffs are put inside the basket to follow the whole tradition.

In the second half of the Guo Da Li or Hui Li in Chinese (Retreat Ceremony), the Bride’s family will return the portion of the gifts from the family of the Groom. At this time, Bridal Money, pig trotters, Phoenix candles (the bride keeps the Dragon Candles) and biscuits are included.

In reverse, it is also expected that As Jia Zhuang (Dowry) Bride’s family will bring to the groom’s home the following. On the other hand, stickers for double happiness (Xi Stickers) are pasted on these items.

  • 2 Lamps with the Xi stickers
  • Groom’s pants
  • Ang Pows for the parents and siblings of the Groom
  • Different sweet food stuffs
  • Set of bed sheet
  • Bath pail of Baby
  • Face basin
  • Spittoon
  • Ruler
  • 1 sewing box with thread, needles, and scissors
  • Mirror and comb

Teochew’s Si Dian Jin

This can be a varied style of Teochew which continues on top of common betrothal gifts in the above list. In this practice, the brainy mother-in-law requires betrothal gifts for her daughter by means of the 4 golds (Si Dian Jin) . The four items are represented by gold bangle, ear-rings, pendants and necklace.