Ways to Reduce the Wedding Venue Costs in Singapore

A bride’s wedding is one significant event in her life. However, with a cost that is beyond your budget, you will surely not want to remember it at all. The wedding venue alone is expected to cost more than half of the couple’s budget, but with some clever plan, you can surely lessen its cost. How? Read on…

2 or 3-Star Hotels

Hotel ratings are accurate. However, be guided that you’ll not be there for so long. It’s just a day or a night event and it’s done. The rates in 2 or 3-star hotels differ from others in terms of rooms and amenities. But, if you are up to the quality of foods, a 5-star hotel will do.

Banquet Halls

These are affordable and they can also host weddings as well. In this venue, your guests can be as noisy as they want and it’s fine.


Many people would prefer a restaurant to be their wedding venue. Besides the affordability and food quality, restaurants are keen with decorations, like in hotel ballrooms.


These places are probably the most affordable there is. They are ideal for couples who are nature-lover and love the beauty of the surroundings. Since you already have a ready background, your wedding photos will surely come out perfectly.

There you go! Keep your wedding perfect and within the budget and surely, it will be worth remembering.