Wedding Banquet Food Tasting Sessions

After choosing the right venue for your wedding banquet, the next important thing to consider is the food. If you choose a hotel to be the venue of your wedding banquet, most often they offer food tasting session for a few people as part of the package.

Tasting the food to be served to the guest on your most special day is important. Thru this, you can make sure the food is delicious and guarantee that you will be contented with the taste of the dishes. Singaporeans love to eat food. If you are planning to have a wedding held in Singapore, then you should ensure that the dishes you serve to your guest are excellent.

To make sure you maximise this chance to taste the food, here are few things to remember.

Who Will You Bring to the Food Tasting Session?

Hotels usually allow 6 to 10 people to participate in the food tasting session. You need to select the right person to come with you during the session. Aside from the groom and the bride, the next people to be included are the parents. This is a great time for the in-laws to meet and talk matters pertaining to the wedding. If there are extra spaces, you can bring the maid of honor and the best man. In this way, they can give their opinions about the food.

It’s Not an Ordinary Free Meal

It may seem to be an opportunity to eat a free meal at a hotel. But, you should remember that the goal of this session is to taste the food and decide if the quality pleases you. Avoid overeating. You don’t want to be full in the middle of the tasting session.

Taking a couple of tiny bites per dish is the best way in conducting a food tasting session. You should savor every dish. Also try enjoying the food since you probably won’t have the time to eat all of the food during the day of the wedding.

Take Some Notes

When conducting the food tasting session, it is important to put your attention to vital details like how the dish looks, how tasty the food is and the way it is served and presented. It is better to bring with you a piece of paper so you can write comments about every dish served.

During this session, make sure that you have finalized every last details pertaining to the food. If you have issues that made you unhappy, do resolve them for; this is the time where you can express your comments concerning the food.

Usually the hotel coordinator or banquet manager will be there in the session to explain the dishes to you. The notes will be useful usually after the tasting is over and when it’s the time to evaluate the food. If there is a particular dish that you don’t like, this is the time to negotiate with the food provider and see if they can change it to another dish. Some hotels might be flexible enough to allow changes in the dishes

Please bear in mind that there is a certain risk when you change a dish – for you will not have the chance to taste the new dish before the wedding. You might end up having a dish that is worse than the first one. So, if it is not a very big issue, you may just send suggestion to improve the dish instead of changing it.

Some Other Consideration

If you are planning to buy your own wine for the special day, don’t forget to bring along a bottle to the food tasting session so that you can check if the wine goes along with the dishes.

Also consider the quantity of food being served on the session. If during the food tasting session, the quantity is enough to serve 10 people and most likely, this would be the actual serving size on the day of the wedding. If the size was different, then you would need to estimate if the food being served is enough for the entire guest on the actual day of the wedding.

Express Your Appreciation

If the session ends up well and all the dishes have met your expectation, it would be best to compliment the chef for doing a great job. It will make a chef happy if you send good feedbacks.