Wedding Catering Packages with Prices

If you are looking for a caterer for your wedding. Check out the following estimated catering packages prices from the top caterers in Singapore. Packages are tabulated based on the minimum of pax and prices to allow you to find an affordable one that fit your budget.  Please take note that the following packages are solely based on international buffet and there are many other different catering packages that may be available from each caterer that are not featured below. To make an apple to apple comparison, we only extract the menu and packages from the international buffet selection.

Prices below only serve as a guide and may varies from time to time. Prices quoted are in Singapore dollars before GST. Number of courses normally include drinks and dessert. For example if the number of courses is 10, it is normally 8 dishes + 1 drink + 1 desserts.

CatererMin PaxPrice (exclude GST)Number of CoursesMenu Name (if any)
Creative EateriesNA4514Deluxe International Buffet Menu
D'Fine301611Buffet Package
D'Fine301310Buffet Package
D'Fine301110Buffet Package
D'Fine3098Buffet Package
Eatz Catering6011.810$11.80/PAX FOR MIN 50PAX
Eatz Catering3013.810$13.80 For Min 30Pax Menu A
Eatz Catering3013.810$13.80 For Min 30Pax Menu B
Eatz Catering2515.810$15.80 For Min 25Pax
Eatz Catering3018.810$18.80 For Min 30Pax
Eatz Catering3021.810$21.80 For Min 30Pax
Eatz Catering3027.810$27.80 For Min 30Pax
Eatz Catering3032.810$32.80 For Min 30Pax
Elseie Kitchen707.97Bargain
Elseie Kitchen608.98Value
Elseie Kitchen4010.910Classic
Elseie Kitchen3512.911Popular
Elseie Kitchen3014.912Choice
Elseie Kitchen3016.9012Premium
Elseie Kitchen2518.9013Exquisite
Elseie Kitchen2520.913Supreme
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services301711Fixed Menu
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services301911Fixed Menu
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services40118Ala Carte Menu (Select 7 items + 1 Drink – $11/pax)
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services30139Ala Carte Menu (Select 8 items + 1 Drink – $13/pax)
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services25159Ala Carte Menu (Select 8 items + 1 Drink – $15/pax)
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services20179Ala Carte Menu (Select 8 items + 1 Drink – $17/pax)
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services25229Christmas Menu (Select 8 items + 1 Drink – $22/pax)
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services15149Mini Oriental Menu A
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services15169Mini Oriental Menu B
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services15199Mini Oriental Menu C
KCK Food3028.811Western Menu A
KCK Food3026.811Western Menu B
KCK Food3511.99Mix and Match Menu (35pax)
KCK Food4510.99Mix and Match Menu (45pax)
KCK Food609.808Mix and Match Menu (60pax)
KCK Food359.98Chef Wok (35pax)
KCK Food508.98Chef Wok (50pax)
KCK Food3018.511Emperor's Treasures (30pax)
KCK Food4015.611Emperor's Treasures (40pax)
KCK Food301411Sentimental Delight (30pax)
KCK Food501311Sentimental Delight (50pax)
KCK Food3511.910Tropicana Swing (35pax)
KCK Food5010.910Tropicana Swing (50pax)
Monte Cristo Catering30119Chef's Recommendation Menu Set A
Monte Cristo Catering30139Chef's Recommendation Menu Set B
Monte Cristo Catering301610Chef's Recommendation Menu Set C
Seng Kang3598Economy Buffet
Seng Kang30109Economy Buffet
Seng Kang301210Economy Buffet
Seng Kang3012.89Deluxe Buffet
Seng Kang3013.810Deluxe Buffet
Seng Kang3015.810Supreme Buffet
Seng Kang3017.811Supreme Buffet
Sin Bee Hwa Catering Services30139Menu A
Sin Bee Hwa Catering Services301510Menu B
Sin Bee Hwa Catering Services251710Menu C
Sin Bee Hwa Catering Services252311Menu D
Angeli3011.89Lunch & Dinner $11.80 Per Pax
Angeli3013.810Lunch & Dinner $13.80 Per Pax
Angeli3016.810Lunch & Dinner $16.80 per pax Menu A
Angeli3016.810Lunch & Dinner $16.80 per pax Menu B
Angeli3016.810Lunch & Dinner $16.80 per pax Menu C
Bibik Caterers30109Standard
Bibik Caterers301210Supreme
Bibik Caterers251511Deluxe
Casserole3010.99Deluxe Menu
Casserole3012.911Superior Menu
Casserole3015.912Premium Menu
Catering Culture5011.810$11.80/pax for min 50pax (10 courses including drinks)
Catering Culture3013.810$13.80/pax for min 30pax (10 Dishes including Drink)
Catering Culture2515.810$15.80 pax for min 25pax (10 Dishes including Drink)
Catering Culture3017.813$17.80/pax for min 30pax (13 Dishes including Drink)
Catering Culture3020.814$20.80/pax for min 30pax (14 Dishes including Drink)
Catering Culture3026.816$26.80/pax for min 30pax (16 Dishes including Drink)
Catering Culture3032.8016$32.80/pax for min 30pax (16 Dishes including Drink)
Chilli Padi252512International Flavour Buffet
Chilli Padi253214International Fusion Buffet
Chilli Padi253612International Fiesta Grande Buffet
De Calla509.911Simplicity
De Calla3013.912Classic
De Calla3016.9013Signature
De Calla2520.913Finest
Empire Catering2513.910Sapphire Buffet
Empire Catering2515.910Ruby Buffet
Empire Catering2518.9010Diamond Buffet
Fong Fu359.809Ruby
Fong Fu3010.810Topaz
Fong Fu3012.811Emerald
Fong Fu3015.811Sapphire
Fong Fu2524.812Diamond
Four Seasons2519.9011International Buffet Reception A
Four Seasons2529.912International Buffet Reception B
Jessie Catering301210Standard Buffet
Jessie Catering50107Standard Buffet
Jessie Catering6086Standard Buffet
Jessie Catering8065Standard Buffet
Kate's Catering Services202514Diamond Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services202213Sapphire Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services251813Ruby Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services251612Emerald Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services251211Topaz Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services301010Opal Buffet Reception
Kate's Catering Services4088Jade Buffet Reception
Kuisine458.808Light Buffet Menu
Kuisine4010.89Value Buffet Menu
Kuisine3012.810Local's Favourite Buffet Menu
Kuisine3015.811Exquisite Buffet Menu
Kuisine3018.811Chef's Choice Buffet Menu
Lagun Sari601088 Course Buffet Menu $10+/pax
Lagun Sari501199 Course Buffet Menu $11+/Pax
Lagun Sari401399 Course Buffet Menu $13+/Pax
Lagun Sari301599 Course Buffet Menu $15+/Pax
Le Xin5098Local Delights Buffet
Le Xin3010.910Exotic Delights Buffet
Le Xin2512.910Asian Favourite Buffet
Le Xin2515.910Asiatic Combo Buffet
Le Xin252011Deluxe Buffet
Mum's Kitchen11.5Home Party Buffet Menu - Local Favourite
Mum's Kitchen13.5Home Party Buffet Menu - Local Favourite
Mum's Kitchen16.5Home Party Buffet Menu - Local Favourite
Mum's Kitchen11.5Home Party Buffet Menu - New Asian Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen13.5Home Party Buffet Menu - New Asian Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen16.5Home Party Buffet Menu - New Asian Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen11.5Home Party Buffet Menu - International Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen13.5Home Party Buffet Menu - International Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen16.5Home Party Buffet Menu - International Cuisine
Mum's Kitchen13Kids Party Buffet Menu
Mum's Kitchen4011.59Local Favourite
Nonya Manis Caterers3011.99Buffet Menu A
Nonya Manis Caterers3013.99Buffet Menu B
Nonya Manis Caterers2516.9010Buffet Menu C
Ocean Treats30139Ocean Local Treats
Ocean Treats30159Ocean Popular Treats
Ocean Treats30189Ocean Delight Treats
Ocean Treats30229Ocean Supreme Treats
Oh's Farm Catering30149Oriental Banquet - The Basics
Oh's Farm Catering302211Oriental Banquet - More than Usual
Oh's Farm Catering30148Western Dining - The Basics
Oh's Farm Catering302412Western Dining - More than Usual
Oh's Farm Catering302213Thai Spice - Exquisite Dining
Oh's Farm Catering301410Vegetarian Feast - More than Usual
Oh's Farm Catering302212Vegetarian Feast - Exquisite Dining
One Paradise30308Paradise Teochew Buffet Menu A
One Paradise30409Paradise Teochew Buffet Menu B
One Paradise308011Paradise Teochew Buffet Menu C
Orange Clove30149Oregano
Orange Clove301610Basil
Orange Clove301811Chamomile
Orange Clove302112Lemongrass
Orange Clove302413Mace
Orange Clove302814Rosemary
Oshika Catering Services30128Buffet Orders
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore357Standard Buffet Menu
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore4210Standard Buffet Menu
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore4811Standard Buffet Menu
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore5512Standard Buffet Menu
Purple Sage302511Indigo
Purple Sage303012Iris
Purple Sage304014Lilac
Purple Sage305015Lavender
Rasel301610International Fiesta - Western
Rasel301610International Fiesta - Asian
Rasel251811International Splendour - Western
Rasel251812International Splendour - Asian
Rasel252010International Indulgence - Western
Rasel252011International Indulgence - Asian
Rasel252512International Supreme - Western
Rasel252513International Supreme - Asian
Rasel303015International Ultimate
Rasel304015International Epicurean
Ronnie Kitchen2013.88$13.80 Per Pax for any 8 Courses
Ronnie Kitchen3010.810$10.80 Per Pax for any 10 Courses
Ronnie Kitchen409.808$9.80 Per Pax for any 8 Courses
Ronnie Kitchen508.807$8.80 Per Pax for any 7 Courses
Ronnie Kitchen3018.810$18.80 Per Pax for 10 Courses
Ronnie Kitchen706.88$6.80 Per Pax for 7 Courses + 1 Fruit Punch
Royal Catering3018.810INTERNATIONAL MENU A
Royal Catering3023.812INTERNATIONAL MENU B
Royal Catering3028.813INTERNATIONAL MENU C
The Savory Kitchen608.58Savory Saver A Buffet
The Savory Kitchen509.59Savory Saver B Buffet
The Savory Kitchen4011.59Savory Classic A Buffet
The Savory Kitchen3512.510Savory Classic B Buffet
The Savory Kitchen3014.510Savory Deluxe A Buffet
The Savory Kitchen3015.511Savory Deluxe B Buffet
The Savory Kitchen2517.511Savory Supreme A Buffet
The Savory Kitchen2518.512Savory Supreme B Buffet
Select Catering4598Super Value Buffet Catering
Select Catering40109Super Value Buffet Catering
Select Catering301211Local Spread Special Buffet
Select Catering251412Asian Special Buffet Catering
Seyu12.99Classic Menu
Seyu15.910Classic Menu
Seyu18.9010Classic Menu
Seyu21.910Classic Menu
Stamford251712Ala Carte International Buffet
Stamford252013Ala Carte International Buffet
Stamford252213Ala Carte International Buffet
Tim's Fine Catering3028.56Affordable Yet Exciting
Tim's Fine Catering30388Affordable Yet Exciting
Tim's Fine Catering3047.510Affordable Yet Exciting
Tim's Fine Catering3034.56Healthy Choice
Tim's Fine Catering30468Healthy Choice
Tim's Fine Catering3057.510Healthy Choice
Tim's Fine Catering3043.56Chef's Choice
Tim's Fine Catering30588Chef's Choice
Tim's Fine Catering3072.510Chef's Choice
Tim's Fine Catering3073.56VIP
Tim's Fine Catering30988VIP
Tim's Fine Catering3014010VIP
YSL Catering Services607.88Buffet Menu
YSL Catering Services508.809Buffet Menu
YSL Catering Services409.8010Buffet Menu
YSL Catering Services3010.811Buffet Menu
YSL Catering Services3016.811Buffet Menu
Neo Garden Catering609.998Neo's Value Package A
Neo Garden Catering5010.999Neo's Value Package B
Neo Garden Catering4012.999Neo's Simplicity A
Neo Garden Catering3013.999Neo's Simplicity B
Neo Garden Catering3014.999Neo's Delux A
Neo Garden Catering3015.999Neo's Delux B
Neo Garden Catering3016.909Neo's Divine A
Neo Garden Catering3017.9010Neo's Divine B
Neo Garden Catering3018.909Neo's Blossom A
Neo Garden Catering3019.9010Neo's Blossom B
Neo Garden Catering4012.88Vegetarian Package A
Neo Garden Catering3014.89Vegetarian Package B
Neo Garden Catering3022.9910Neo's Harvest A
Neo Garden Catering3024.9911Neo's Harvest B
Neo Garden Catering3025.9910Neo's Imperial A
Neo Garden Catering3027.9911Neo's Imperial B
Neo Garden Catering6038.9018Neo's Elite A
Neo Garden Catering6058.819Neo's Elite B
Belly Good by Tung Lok1511Buffet Selection A
Belly Good by Tung Lok1813Buffet Selection B
Belly Good by Tung Lok2015Buffet Selection C
Peach Garden30258Lunch Buffet Menu A
Peach Garden30309Lunch Buffet Menu B
Peach Garden30359Dinner Buffet Menu A
Peach Garden304510Dinner Buffet Menu B