Wedding Ceremony with Flower Girls & Page Boys

In any wedding ceremony in Singapore, you will never miss to glimpse lovely kids walking down the lane before wedding banquet commence or during church service if any. The flower girl, carrying a slight bunch of flowers, is tasked to walk before the bride. She welcomes the bride by scattering the petals on the ground. Today, some are making it more entertaining by letting flower girls blow bubbles instead.

For church services, pageboy helps to carry the bride’s train. But today, you can call them as ring bearers. Carrying the wedding rings on a ring pillow, he will pass it to the best man or the wedding coordinator when ranges to the lane’s front.

1. Prepare the outfit
For the flower girl, a dress similar with the bridesmaid or the bride is better or you can ask the tailor if she can make a mini type of the bridal gown. Using the event’s theme, it is better that the color the outfit is fitted onto it. Or, you can go to any shops and look for an appealing white dress.
Pageboys, however, can wear a tuxedo for formality sake. If it’s casual, collared with trousers and a tie matched with the theme color are appropriate. For unique weddings, they can wear adorable getup desirable to the setting.

2. Consider the Age
Any age will do, but typically ages 3-9 are suited. The younger it is the more impressive it appears. If you want to avoid unnecessary occurrences, better ask elder ones to assist them or ask if they the kid is confident to face the crowd.
For those 3 below, take someone, a brother or sister, who can partner them down the lane.

  • Rehearse

It’s good that they will be acquainted with the actual setting. Train and assist them as much as possible. Unavoidably, not all plans will be properly executed during the big day, so, whatever happens, be prepared.

  • 2. Parents’ Rescue

Most kids want their parents to be with them. As possible, they must be near with their parents in order to avoid stage frights making the ceremony more organized.

3. Reward
For the kids to cooperate well, prepare some stuff as a sort of reward. This will motivate them to do their tasks better. See to it that you give them after the event.