Wedding live band cost and reviews in Singapore

Why not a live band at your wedding? That would be a totally new idea, compared to background music which could give the awful feeling of something similar to dating in a cuisine.

With the strict implementation of copyrights laws for music, employing a live band helps you avoid the possibility of getting into trouble with the authority. Live bands can also be a good replacement and a refreshing shift from ballads we typically hear over the radio.

A live-band performance at your wedding adds to the fun and helps to entertain both guests and strangers alike. It might be of help to open conversations among -guests who find it awkward to talk with others.

A live band performance on your wedding is added maybe because you want to be different or simply because you want to add thrill. Whatever your reason is, the presence of live bands in Singapore weddings is a lively variation to the usually somber wedding occasion.
4 steps towards a rocking wedding:

Finding for Wedding Live Band
The best source is the Entertainment Directory, or friends who are members of existing bands. There are new jammers who are ready to grab opportunities for a gig to add to their portfolio. Other couples may hire talented artists at a lower price, or if they happen to be a friend, might even be given free.
Choosing the Wedding Live Band
If bands claim to be the best on a website, make sure to request for a link or a record of their performance. This ensures you of the band’s performance level.

After deciding on which band you want to hire, request your choice band to provide you
their song list for you to decide on the repertoire. If the songs in the list do not fit your musical taste, then give them your own. Our Wedding Song Lists will be of help for your choices.

Wedding Live Band Price and Cost
Some bands charge per hour, others charge by song. The charging system should be discussed with the band before settling down for the contract.

Book a date once you have made up your mind. Pay the deposit, and agree with the band that a week before your wedding, you will remind them through email or SMS to remind them of the upcoming gig.

It’s a deal! A unique way to liven up your wedding- a live band performance, especially if friends are willing to present for free!