Wedding makeup and hair trial tips

A lot of brides in Singapore will undergo a session of makeup trial before the actual wedding happens. This trial can be a great help for brides to express their discontentment to their makeup artist and identify the artist capability and style.

To guarantee that the session will be beneficial for the bride to be, listed are the things to do in conducting the trial session:

  • Before the trial make up session happens, show to the makeup artist your pictures wearing your gown. In this way, the artist can recommend makeup and hair style that will complement with your gown.
  • Show some pictures of makeup and hair style that you like so that the artist can identify your choice and preferred styles.
  • Tell to the makeup artist the styles that you don’t want to have so that the artist can avoid those specific styles.
  • During the actual trial make up session, wear a white coloured dress to substitute the wedding gown.
  • Show to the artist the pictures of other gowns that you will be wearing on the day of the wedding.
  • Bring with you the accessories and jewelry that you will be wearing on the wedding day.
  • Bring a friend that can honestly criticize the makeup and hair style. Make sure that the friend will have the same style of preference as you.
  • When conducting the actual trial makeup session, be sure that your face is clean and has no prior makeup on it.
  • Be sure to wash your hair the night before the trial makeup session happens. This will make the hair easier to style.
  • Get a fake tan on the day of the trial makeup session if you are planning to have it on the day of your wedding to make sure the look will be similar on the day of the wedding.
  • Take pictures of yourself during the trial makeup session.

Lasting point to bear in mind is the artist should be present to meet your requirements and needs. They are there to make sure that you will be a beautiful and happy bride on your very special day, therefore you should not have hesitation to express freely your thoughts and criticisms that you may have during the session.