Wedding Seating Plan Guide

Your wedding is one of the most fulfilling events in your life. Hence, you make it sure that your friends, and families will witness your happiness in this event. Their presence adds the happiness that you have during the ceremony. One way of expressing your gratefulness for their presence is through your warm welcome. During the ceremony, planning their seating arrangement is a way in letting them feel that they are truly at home. However, planning for a wedding seat plan seems to be the least important matters to be considered in a wedding. Until now, many people are not yet informed on the importance of having a seating plan.

The following tips are guide in planning for the seating plan during the wedding. Understanding and implementing each tips will surely bring good atmosphere in your wedding.

  1. 1.       Most of your visitors may be from the different areas in your life. Some maybe your workmates, high school friends, college friends, and other colleagues. So, not all of them are familiar with each other. In planning a wedding seating plan, you must consider their friends or acquaintances. The people who are from your office must be seated with the people who are also from your office. These people will not get bored during the ceremony because their seatmates are familiar to them. On their stay, they can talk with each other constantly.
  2. 2.       All of the tables must be located in a good area. There must be no distractions whenever your visitors want to view something regardless of their table’s positions. This will assure that your visitors will love your preparations especially the reception area.
  3. 3.       Make sure that you plan your menu in accordance to your visitors. There must be foods reserved for people who are not eating the dishes in the main menu. Your Muslim visitors are not eating pork; therefore, they must still be provided with foods that will probably suit their culture and lifestyle.
  4. 4.       Give priority for the most special persons in your life. Your family must be seated on the special seats during the event. You may do this because you want them to be the first person whom you will share your happiness.
  5. 5.       If you have visitors with some disabilities, ask your personnel beforehand so they can provide them with what they need. A wheelchair may be needed by persons who are handicapped. On the other hand, visitors who will be bringing their children may need additional chair which will suit their children.

In making seating plan, always remember that you and your better half will decide on the grouping of people. Remember that your planner must have all the seating plans so that there will be no interruptions during your wedding. Before the wedding date, you must see the whole venue for yourself so if there are some matters to adjust, you can still work on it.

Remember that there is no perfect seating arrangement. There will be people who will be unsatisfied with their seat. Therefore, it is really important to bear in mind that you must not aim for perfect seating plan. All you have to do is to do your best in arranging the important people in your life in your own preferences. As long as you have satisfied yourself with your plans, then your family, friends, and other relatives will always support you. Always remember that there is no perfect in this world. In creating you wedding seating plan, just make sure that you are working for them and not for the perfectness of the event. Anyway, everything will turn out to be good in the end because your wedding is most treasured memories in your life.