Wedding Wines recommendation in Singapore

Which wine should I choose for to be served during my wedding dinner banquet? Why are some wines so cheap while others are so expensive? Where to find consignment wines in Singapore? Is Red or White Wine better? We have all the answers for your bothering questions when it comes to wine selection as we speak to Irene Tan of Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

What type of wine is suitable for wedding banquet?
The suitability of wine is largely dependable on the type of food served. For a western banquet, I will recommend wines that are slightly heavier in character to suit meat items like beef and lamb. In this case a Shiraz will be suitable.

For Chinese banquet, cabernet sauvignon or merlot should pair well with fish and chicken. Sauvignon Blanc is suitable for white meats including, chicken, pork chop, turkey and seafood like fish, mussels, crabs and lobster.

Any differences between wines being served for an indoor vs outdoor wedding?
The weather in Singapore plays a big part in the differences between wines being served in indoor or outdoor weddings. Guests will prefer something cold and chilled in an outdoor wedding which will lead to a higher consumption of white wines compared to indoor weddings.

Any differences between wines being served for a Western Cuisine vs Chinese wedding banquet?
As Chinese wedding banquet usually serves chicken, fish and vegetables, lighter wines like cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon Blanc will be a better pairing.

For western banquet, a Shiraz or merlot will be suitable to pair with beef & lamb as well as the heavy sauces accompanying the dishes.

To add on, if your guest attendees have a high percentage of Caucasians, do prepare more white wines.

Is Red or White wine more suitable for wedding? Why?
It depends on the wedding couple’s guest attendee’s profile. If they are well travelled and professionals, their preference for red/white will be 60%/40% respectively. If mainly families or more elders, more red wine should be prepared. Red wine is always a classic crowd favourite and more notably in demand.

The venue of wedding banquet also plays a part in deciding red or white is more suitable. For outdoor wedding whereby weather is hot, it is recommended to have more white than red as guests will prefer a chilled drink. For indoor weddings, red wine is usually the more popular choice.

Any differences in the number of bottles to order if my wedding banquet is lunch vs dinner?
For Saturday lunch banquets, a rough estimation of 1 bottle per table. For Saturday wedding dinner, 1.5 bottle per table. For Sunday lunch banquet 0.5-0.8 bottle per table and dinner will be 0.8 bottles per table as the next day is usually a working day.

What wines do your recommend for budget conscience buyers (less than $30)?
I will recommend the Yaldara Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (red) & Sauvignon Blanc (white). The Yaldara Cabernet Sauvignon originates from South Eastern Australia and goes well with red meat, game and mature cheeses. ($21.80 NETT)

The Yaldara Sauvignon Blanc displays ripe tropical fruits aromas with a touch of citrus and is combined with a clean, crisp and zesty finish. It goes well with seafood and light pasta dishes. ($21.80 Nett)

What expensive wine do you recommend for my VIP?
Expensive wines also come in many range and of course, budget. But if you have to choose something from our product list, I would recommend these few:

Wines from $30-40

  • JB Reserve Malbec – Argentina
  • JB Grand Reserve Malbec – Argentina
  • JB Reserve Pinot Gris Chard – Argentina
  • TIKI Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand
  • TIkI Pinot Noir – New Zealand
  • Yalumba Barossa Valley Patchworks Shiraz
  • Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier

Anything above the value and not from our product list ( Unsure of pricing as we do not supply them)

  • Henschke Seven
  • Henschke Riesling
  • Vasse Felix Cab Sau
  • Vasse Felix Sau Blanc

These wines are recommended based on wedding menus from what I’ve observed so far. In term of the food served for both Eastern and Western menu. Also based on the prices and country of origin. It will be hard for a couple to be serving wines from the old world esp French, partly due to the price, the quality of the wine and the nature of the event. Their guest won’t really get a proper chance to taste the wines. SO for wedding wine such expensive wine is not really popular amongst wedding couples.

What are the other popular choices?

  1. Domaine Bousquet Malbec

Originates from Argentina and is made with organically grown grapes.

It is ideal with red meats, red sauces, cheese, pasta dishes with a cellaring potential of 4-6 years. ($26.80 NETT)

  1. Domaine Bousquet Chardonnay

Originates from Argentina and is made with organically grown grapes.

It is ideal with appetizers, seafood and fish dishes with a cellaring potential of 4-6 years ($26.80 NETT)

  1. Vino Fernandez Merlot ( Chilean Wine)

This wine has a rich intense purple colour dominated by floral and berries aroma. It is recommended for pasta and white meats. ($21.80NETT)

  1. Vino Fernandez Cabernet ( Chilean Wine)

This wine has an intense violet color dominatedby ripe red fruits and spice aromas. Pairs Perfectly with red meat, pasta and medium body cheeses. ($21.80 Nett)

How much wine should I be ordering for a guest of 100 of younger generation?
A guestlist of 100 will translate to 10 tables of 10 pax each. Depending on weekend or weekday, it will be be 1.5 and 0.8 bottle respectively. Other than wine, wedding couple can take into consideration other beverages such as sparkling moscato, beer, hard liquor as well as champagne to cater to the preference and needs for the younger generation.

Any differences in the number of bottles to order if my wedding banquet is weekday vs weekend?
For wedding banquets on weekdays and Sundays, the recommended quantity is 0.8 bottles for a table of 10 persons. On Friday and Saturday, as usually the next day is usually not a working day, consumption of wines will increase. The recommended quantity is 1.5 bottles for a table of 10 persons.

How many glasses can one bottle contain?
A standard bottle of wine holds 750ml. Depending on the size of glasses, it usually can pour up to 4-6 glasses.

Wine Glass

Is it true that most hotels do not allow duty free wine?
As the size of duty free and duty paid wines are the same at 750ml, it is not easy to differentiate whether it is duty free or duty paid. In the case for hard liquor there is a difference. 70cl bottles are usually duty paid whereas 1 litre bottles are duty free.

Do you provide consignment for your wine?
Yes we do. In regards to consignment, If a total of 24 bottles of wines is needed, you will have to pay 12 bottles (50%) upfront and another 12 bottles will be delivered together with your order under consignment. Unconsumed consignment wines can be returned , however do take note that we will not take back opened or wines with damaged labels. Payment can be done by internet banking/cash or cheque. Prices of the wines includes delivery to your venue as well as collection of balance consignment wines should there be any. Please note that our minimum order is 12 bottles.

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