Why Wedding Banquet Prices will increase in 2015 and 2016

Our advice to couples planning to get married is try to book and reserve your wedding banquet packages early. Most the hotels allow you to book and reserve the wedding banquet packages for the following year as early as Dec this year. For example, if you planning to get married in Jan 2016, you can start calling and try to book in Dec 2014. The Prices changes in their wedding packages normally happen in the new year but some hotels and restaurant allow you to use prices for the previous year to book. Remember there is a difference between reserving the date and reserving the prices. Some hotel allow you can reserve a date but that does not necessary mean you reserve the prices. Check with the hotel and restaurant for more detail.

Why are we so confident that the Wedding Banquet Packages Prices will increase?
The wedding weekend banquet prices for Marina Mandarin in 2011/2012 is only $1,168 but in 2013/2014, a similar package wedding banquet package prices have gone up to $1278 to $1338.

In 2014, a Goodwood Park Hotel wedding weekend banquets prices (if you plan to hold your wedding from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015) cost $1468++ but in 2013, a similar package cost only $1388. This 5 to 10% price hike applies to the banquet package prices for most hotel banquet packages.

Why the increase in prices?
In Feb 2014, when the Singapore government decided to increase the tax and duties for all types of liquor by 25 per cent. Many hotels and restaurants were scrambling to revise their prices for their wedding banquet packages.

Labour cost is the other contributing factor as it is getting more expensive to hire banquet waiter and waitress. For example, it cost only $6.50 to $8 dollars to hire a part-time banquet waiter in 2012 but now it cost at least $8 to $10 per hour.

It is inevitable that the prices will increase further, so if you can plan and book early, please do so as it is ok to be kiasu because it is never too early to plan