Find Asian Mail-Order Brides: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you're thinking about finding Asian mail order brides, huh? It's a whole world out there with so many questions: Where do you even start? Who are these women? And why are they looking for partners abroad? We're going to answer all that and more. 

Find Asian Mail-Order Brides: A Comprehensive Guide
Analyzing dating sites
Review and selection of the most popular women from different regions
Providing dating tips

They say that the “yellow fever” is still a thing. They say men all over the world still get infected and don’t even complain about it. Well, there’s actually a huge amount of truth here. 

Among over 240,000 marriage migrants to the UK in 2022, most were Asians. Filipino K-1 visa applicants still outnumber applicants from most other countries. In 2023, nearly 3,000 of them entered the United States, and it wasn’t the best year. 

Is it all about fetishizing Asian brides? Not really. Of course, men are attracted to Asian women for marriage. But they marry them because relationships with them can be really satisfying. However, there are pitfalls, too, and we’re going to discuss them in this guide, too. 

Asian mail-order bride websites & dating sites 2024

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on trips to meet Asian women for marriage. Most men find their Asian wives online, on niche websites designed exclusively for international daters seeking love & serious relationships. 

Our top experts have chosen such websites for you. Take a look, learn more about the options, consider each site’s reputation, and make an informed final choice. 

Exploring the nature of Asian brides

Let us start with some definitions. There are a lot of myths about Asian mail order brides. We just need to clarify the most important aspects of how this business really works and who these women really are in order to move on. 

“A modern Asian mail-order bride is a single woman, often from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, or China, usually in her late twenties or thirties, looking for a husband overseas. She’s really motivated to start a family, so she’s not using sites where a lot of people are seeking casual relationships and prefers niche dating sites that can connect her with marriage-minded men from other countries. 

She’s not hired by an agency or compensated for her decision. She’s serious about finding someone special, someone compatible—a decent partner she can rely on. An Asian bride is ready to make serious decisions and migrate if necessary, but she’ll do it only after she meets her boyfriend and makes sure he is the one.” 

These are the key facts about modern Asian mail-order wives. But what about the things that make them special in the eyes of people all over the globe? 

Main Asian women’s characteristics

We won’t be able to avoid generalizations here, but Asian girls for marriage are mostly characterized as: 

  • Polite, perfectly mannered, hospitable and friendly. It’s not just a stereotype but part of most Asian cultures. 
  • Feminine. It’s not about old-school submissiveness. Most Asian women are just women without making any extra effort. However, there are countries where being feminine is nearly a must. 
  • Well-educated, smart, and witty. Some people focus on the appearance of Asian influencers, models, and movie stars. Well, real Asian women are a lot more than just that. If you’re looking for a smart wife, Asia is the right place to meet her. 
  • More emotional than you expect them to be. There’s a myth saying that all Asian women are reserved, calm, and shy. It’s not exactly true. Many are emotional, but they are very unlikely to show that in public.
  • Marriage- and family-minded. That goes for nearly every Asian society. For most Asian women, love, relationships, and family are top priorities.

Again, a lot will depend on the individual, the country, the biography, etc.

Why are men looking for Asian wives?

It depends on the person. But that’s a simple answer. 

A more complex answer considers multiple factors, namely: 

  • Physical attraction. We aren’t going to deny that most men looking for Asian brides online and offline like their appearance. Asian women are rightly considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. This is partly explained by history and mixed genes and partly by the fact that the beauty standards in Asian countries are just super high. 
  • Desire to start a family with a woman who wants the same. That’s one of the primary reasons for making such a choice, actually. An Asian wife is expected to put family first, and that’s very often the case. Many men just know that their desire to settle down in the near future is likely to be appreciated. 
  • Interest in culture and respect for local social norms. Most ancient Asian cultures are fascinating, and they still attract millions of people worldwide. A lot of guys seeking Asian brides to marry love the culture, are attracted to women from this country, and want to be a part of it directly or indirectly. Also, many men like how the Asian institution of the family works.  

Simply put, most men who want to meet Asian brides believe that they have a great chance of finding an attractive partner who shares their values and wants to get married in the near future on this particular continent. 

Step-by-step guide on how to find an Asian bride

Let’s say you are ready to start your dating journey. How exactly do you do it? There are step-by-step recommendations below. Consider them and customize the strategy if necessary to achieve success sooner. 

1. Do research on Asian cultures: Ensure that’s what you need

First of all, make sure that you’re going to make the right choice. It will cost you money, it will take a lot of time. Start this journey only if you’re sure that the chance of meeting your perfect spouse in Asia is higher than anywhere else. 

2. Do research on the online dating market: Choose the right website

That’s another time-consuming yet necessary stage of the process. You need to see the best offers in the Asian segment of the online dating market and choose the website that will help you succeed but also be pleasant to use. 

Pay attention to the following criteria: 

  • Quality of profiles
  • Number of special features
  • Selection of free features
  • Pricing policy
  • Quality of support 

See who you can meet on different sites and consider their reputations. Test the service you are going to choose for free and then make a final decision whether to stay or to leave and search for another option. 

3. Use the site properly and customize your dating strategy

Here’s what you should do to use a mail-order bride site or an international dating site properly: 

  1. Create a very competitive profile. Remember that you’re looking for a wife and not just a short-term girlfriend. Adding photos just isn’t enough. 
  2. Use search and matching features. Such features are usually free, and profiles are legitimately detailed. Use this advantage to find the right person not in months but in days and weeks. You’ll have all the tools to do it. 
  3. Use free features to make first contacts. Watch your credits. Don’t spend them on the wrong people or not your best matches. Send free winks, likes, and standard first messages instead. 

Focus on your main goal and try to be more rational than most users on most dating sites. 

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Chat with women. Use basic tools first and then move on to the services that allow you to build deeper emotional connections. Start with messaging, then start exchanging media files more and more often, start making calls, send gifts, etc. 

Try to find someone special and focus on this person. That’s what the modern mail-order bride business is about. 

5. Meet offline and get ready to make serious decisions 

When you realize you like the person you’ve met a lot, meet offline. Modern niche websites don’t provide traveling services or arrange tours, so you’ll need to plan a budget for your independent trip to your bride’s country. 

Schedule a date, meet your bride offline, and then decide whether this relationship is what you’ve been initially searching for. If yes, keep building it. It’s supposed to end with a proposal but only if you feel it’s the right thing to do. 

How do you bring your Asian bride to the U.S?

How to get an Asian bride? Now you know the answer. But what is the legal procedure for binational couples who want to get married? Here are the main steps that partners need to take to start a family on the territory of the United States.

  • Apply for a visa. There are multiple K-1 visa requirements, but basically, the man starts the process by filing a petition for a foreign fiancee, and the bride applies for a visa in the US embassy in her country.  
  • Collect all the documents. There are many of them. Both the bride and the groom need to provide passports, birth certificates, divorce documents if necessary, etc. A medical examination is also a must. 
  • Provide all the evidence of your relationship. That may be any proof of your relationship. The couple may also get interviewed. Note that if partners have never met in real life or if the bride applies for a visa just to migrate to the US, the visa definitely won’t be granted. 
  • Get a visa and get married. After a visa is approved, the bride has the right to enter the United States and marry her boyfriend. After that, she’ll be able to apply for adjustment of status.

The process may take up to a year, so once you realize you’ve met the right person, consider taking further steps. Also, we’d recommend you keep all the evidence of your relationship from your photos together to your message history and plane tickets. They can turn out to be real game changes. 

Protecting yourself from scams on Asian dating sites

On the one hand, everyone can find an Asian bride online quite easily. On the other hand, you should consider the possibility of getting scammed. If you want to protect yourself, follow these simple rules: 

  1. Choose a mail-order bride site very carefully. It will take time, but you need a platform with a good reputation, moderation, and security system. 
  2. Mind who you are going to contact. Pay attention to all the details—real photos (check them using Google image search), profile videos, verification badges, and, of course, bios. 
  3. Spot red flags. These are contradictions, any requests for money, lots of reasons not to meet you offline or at least accept a video call, etc. 

You can’t be too cautious when it comes to online dating. Also, remember the golden rule. No matter who asks you to send them money, don’t do it. This may be your dream Asian girlfriend, but you should block this person for good. It is just a scammer. 

Success stories of men who married Asian women


I married my wife over 10 years ago, and we’re still deeply in love. It wasn’t easy, though. My friends and family were against me dating someone I met online, let alone someone I met on a mail-order bride site. They all now agree it was the right decision though. We dated for 2 years, I went to the Philippines multiple times, and I’m still doing it as now my ties with her family are also very strong. Sometimes, you just need to take risks. Assimilation isn’t an easy ride. You’ll need to be there for your partner struggling to find out how another culture works, but if you cope with it, you’ll be able to cope with anything else, easily. 


I’m an American currently in a happy and successful relationship with a Vietnamese woman. We got married last month, and we’ve been happy together for over a year already. My mom is half-Vietnamese, but I can’t say that she tried to raise me as Vietnamese, but at least I didn’t face any judgment. We met online, chatted a bit, and forgot about one another. A week later, I sent her a meme and that’s where our first real conversation started. We kept talking for over 6 months until I proposed. Yes, things moved fast, but that absolutely worked for us. 

Is it legal to marry Asian brides?

Yes, absolutely. As we’ve noted previously, there are legal procedures for Asian women who are going to marry Americans. In particular, an Asian woman can legally apply for a K-1 visa if her relationship is authentic and she’s really going to marry her partner. 

Requirements in the US and other countries are nearly the same. In order for a visa to be issued and a marriage to be considered legal, the couple will need to prove that they have a genuine romantic relationship and that they’ve met in person at least once. 

Pros and cons of getting an Asian bride

There are thousands of Asian women looking for marriage to a foreign guy right now. However, though you can meet them quite easily, we’d still recommend weighing all the pros and cons before making the final choice. 

They are always subjective. Still, we’ve distinguished a few commonly accepted ones.

Pros of finding a partner in Asia:
  • You can find a spouse from the country you really like 
  • You can consider national characters and find a person with a similar mindset
  • No need to be dating someone for years to start a family
  • High success rate
  • High motivation of Asian wives to build healthy families and keep them together
Cons of finding a partner in Asia:
  • You’ll need to go through a long-distance phase
  • You are likely to face mail-order bride stigma
  • Finding a wife abroad costs money
  • You’ll need to cope with language and cultural barriers

Do the pros or the cons matter more for you? Think carefully and then make your decision. 

Quick tips

In my opinion, there are too many myths about Asia and Asian dating cultures. Relationships are relationships, no matter where they are started. Still, men seeking Asian women to marry can succeed sooner if they follow these simple recommendations: 

  1. Choose a specific country. Yes, doing research on Asian cultures will take time, but at least you’ll know what to expect from women from a particular society. 
  2. Try to get rid of all stereotypes. Asian women are fetishized, and that’s harmful not only for them but also for men. It’s all about developing realistic expectations and remembering that it is a real person talking to you. 
  3. Build a deep relationship. Do it not to get a visa but for yourself. Only in this case will things work for your couple. 

Also, don’t be surprised when you find out that things move slower than in the US, and old-school romance is appreciated more.

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