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About Us

Welcome to KiasuBride.com—a platform where you can find all the information on modern international dating, get useful insights, and develop the best dating strategy possible. 

Who we are

First and foremost, we are analysts. We collect information and create content about international dating and, in particular, mail-order brides. However, we’re not writing random articles on hot topics. 

We create a system that allows a single individual to make the right choices at every stage, from the stage of choosing the destination to finding a partner to proposing to her. 

Here, you’ll find articles on dating cultures in different countries, rankings of the best places for international dating, reviews of top dating sites, rankings of best sites in Asia, Latin America, or Europe, and many more useful tips from our top dating experts. 

Our mission

Here’s why KiasuBride.com was created:

  • We want to bust myths about modern mail-order brides. There’s a huge difference between mail-order brides of the past and modern brides seeking relationships with foreigners. Many, however, confuse them and their motivations. Our goal is to explain who exactly modern mail-order wives are, what makes them choose this path, and, of course, how a man can meet them. 
  • We want to share ready-made strategies on how to find a partner online. The modern online dating segment is huge. Its mail-order bride subsegment isn’t small either. So, our team works on creating step-by-step guides that would help anyone, including people who’ve never used dating apps, find a dating platform and use it properly to meet their goal, whatever it is. 
  • We want to help people expand their dating borders and break cultural barriers. It’s not easy to find a partner and build a relationship with a new person even if you grew up in the same cultural environment, let alone start dating someone from another country. That’s why our top experts create guides that help readers understand what exactly they may expect to find in a particular place and how to avoid common mistakes foreigners usually make when approaching locals.
  • We want to share strategies on how to avoid dating scams. The sad truth is none of the sites available online can be considered 100% safe. Moreover, more and more people all over the globe are becoming victims of romance scams, and we’re aimed at telling people what to avoid most common scam scenarios quite easily.

All in all, we want to make international dating and, in particular, mail-order bride dating simple and safe for everyone. 

How we write our guides & reviews 

On this site, you’ll find two main categories of content—guides on dating women from different countries and reviews of dating websites that can connect you with them. Here’s how it’s created. 

How we write dating guides: 

  1. Choose the country. This must be a country with a high intermarriage rate, no social stigma on dating foreigners, and a place where women are attracted to foreign men and vice versa. We rely on objective data along with our experts’ subjective experiences.  
  2. Collect statistics and academic research on the topic. First, we need to have a scientific background. We learn as much as possible about demographics, the institution of family, divorces, fertility rates, attitudes toward romantic relationships, etc. 
  3. Interview mail-order brides and their husbands. It’s the most important part. We try to find as many people ready to talk to us as possible after verifying their stories. That allows us to collect first-hand information and some legitimately useful tips. 
  4. Focus on the most important points and write a comprehensive guide. After that, we process all the information and create a comprehensive piece of content that would be 100% useful to a site visitor. 

How we write reviews: 

  1. Find a promising website. We’re constantly monitoring the market, searching for old and new platforms that may meet the demands and expectations of international daters.
  2. Do background research on the site and its reputation. Before our experts set up an account on the site, we try to make sure that the site is worth the time and money we’re going to invest. If the reputation is obviously bad, we exclude it from the list. If reviews are mixed, we consider that when using the site and mention it in our review. 
  3. Join the community and spend two weeks on the site. We test the free version of the site. Then we get credits, coins, or premium plans, and really communicate with members testing all the communication features, search algorithms, and other services available to premium users. 
  4. Draw conclusions and write a review. At the final stage, we process all the information, compare the platform with similar sites, and create a comprehensive review.

As you can see, in both cases, the process is quite time-consuming and multi-stepped, but our goal is to deliver the highest-quality content. 

Our criteria for ranking websites

Here’s what we assess when using any dating site as a free and then as a premium member. 

  • Quality of profiles. Ideally, it must be very high. Detailed bios, multiple profile photos, secret and private albums, profile videos, sections with basic details, and verification badges—all that is appreciated. 
  • Pricing. Prices must be transparent and reasonable. We have zero tolerance for hidden costs. 
  • Features. A good site for international dating should offer something more than just texting. The more features like video chat, real gift delivery, matching, etc., the better. 
  • Ease of use. Convenience is important, and we make sure that a user will feel comfortable on the site where they are going to spend some serious time.
  • Support. We contact support at least a few times to see how soon we’ll receive the response and how it will solve our problem.

These are only the main criteria. We also consider the reply rate, demographics, relationship goals of users, and many more secondary yet important parameters. 

How else KiasuBride.com can help you

On this site, you’ll also find: 

  1. Calculations of the average cost of getting a mail-order wife from various countries. 
  2. Recommendations on legal aspects, information on visas for foreign brides. 
  3. Dating tips from our dating experts. 
  4. Stories of people who’ve already gone through this experience. 

Again, our goal is to get you covered at every stage of your online and offline dating journey. 

How do we make money?

Of course, we need to fund our team, and though all the content you see here is free, we may cooperate with dating sites and other companies involved in the dating business. It doesn’t mean that we will provide false information on the services, prices, and terms, but the sponsored content may be promoted via affiliate links. 

Our site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies to personalize our content and analyze our traffic.