Filipino Brides: How to Find a Filipino Wife

Filipino Brides: How to Find a Filipino Wife
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Filipino mail-order brides are the ultimate stars of the international dating market. They intermarry more than any other nation. They don’t stigmatize relationships with foreigners – by contrast, they are common, a bit prestigious, and even socially encouraged. 

Still, it doesn’t mean that every man should find a Filipino wife. They are great matches for some men and not the best partners for others. In this guide, we’re going to share some secrets and insights and tell you where and how men can find Filipino wives online or offline. 

Filipino mail-order brides sites & dating sites 2024

The chance of finding a Filipino wife will be the highest if you choose one of the niche sites designed exclusively for Pinay women and foreigners. The online dating market, however, is diverse, and choosing the right platform isn’t always easy. Our experts have already picked the top niche websites with Filipino brides for you. Take a look and make your choice.

Why do some Filipino women decide to become mail-order brides?

A lot of Filipino women for marriage choose foreign guys over locals, for plenty of reasons. Of course, there’s nothing objectively wrong with local men. It’s just about certain preferences, shared opinions of women who’ve already married foreigners, and some kind of a local tradition. So, in most cases, the reasons for making such a choice are as follows:

  1. Positive stereotypes about foreigners. There are a lot of them, actually. They are considered to be more loyal. That, in part, is true as the problem of adultery in the Philippines is quite common because of the divorce prohibition. Also, foreign men are often considered well-established, reliable, and supportive. 
  2. Desire for modernity. Most Filipino mail-order wives are quite traditional and even conservative compared to most Western women. Still, they are more progressive and modern than some local men. So, they seek more modernity in relationships, adventures, and new exciting experiences. And they often get all of that with foreign men. 
  3. Physical attraction. Yes, many women in the Philippines just consider foreigners to be manly and handsome. And that actually matters. 
  4. Absence of social stigma. Marriage to a foreigner isn’t something that makes you break social barriers. It’s really common, so many local women consider it as a perfectly normal scenario. 

Also, Filipino women looking for marriage abroad often note that negative previous relationship experiences were one of the first things that made them consider intermarriage. All in all, as you can see, none of the reasons have anything to do with money. The motivation of Filipino wives is more complex and even socially determined to some extent. 

Why do men look for Filipino wives?

Filipino brides are the most popular Asian women for marriage. But why? Most boyfriends and husbands of Filipino women note that they decided to start relationships with their partners for the following reasons:

  • They’re beautiful. Yes, we put it first on the list, but it’s actually not the most important reason why so many men want to find a Filipino wife. It’s often just the first thing that attracts them. 
  • They’re some of the most loving and caring women one can possibly meet. Well, that’s exactly what most men mention first. It’s all about how Filipino women treat their men. They aren’t submissive or obedient, not at all. They just show that their partners are very, very important to them through words, hugs, care, and attention. 
  • They’re hard workers. Contrary to common belief, they are not always housewives. Many women reconcile family roles with their careers. Those who don’t, also invest in their relationships and families. Most don’t have that kind of marriage where only one person works.
  • They’re nice, kind, and hospitable. Kindness is the main ingredient to the charm of Filipino women. They’re benevolent, friendly, attentive, and supportive. They don’t view others as a threat and aren’t a threat themselves.

Filipino girls for marriage really have much to offer. These are just the most important things, the tip of the iceberg. 

Where and how to find a Filipino bride

All the options for men seeking love in the Philippines fall under two categories—ways to meet local girls online or offline. 

Ways to meet Filipina women online: 

  • Mainstream apps. Quite many singles in the Philippines use apps like Tinder. They are free (at least partially) and popular, so the chance of finding a match there without leaving your country is real. Still, you should consider that profiles of foreigners aren’t shown to Filipino users. Also, most of them seek local matches. 
  • Niche sites. Websites designed for foreigners and Filipino women (whether international dating sites or mail-order bride sites) are the most effective. They have stricter rules, better features, and more advanced algorithms, but they are never free to use. 
  • Social media. They are completely free and often have good search filters, so you can just choose the location, see profiles of locals, and learn a lot about every user. Still, such a search will require more time, effort, confidence, and luck.

Ways to meet Filipina women offline

  • Migration. If you like the country and the culture, can afford to live in the Philippines, and/or have a remote job, you can become a part of the community, and you’ll definitely meet someone if you just live your life—go to the gym, take classes, teach English, go to bars, etc. 
  • Vacations. They must be quite long, and we’d not recommend spending all the time at hotels. Socialize and meet locals, but get ready to face skepticism from locals who’ll think that you’re another foreigner coming to the Philippines for some casual fun. 

You can also search for Filipino migrants without leaving the country if the diaspore is large enough. Still, most men choose online options as they’re cheaper and more convenient overall.

Traveling to the Philippines to meet Filipino brides in person

Immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes of the Philippines can be a fruitful way to meet local Filipino ladies. This method allows direct interaction and experiencing the charm of Filipino hospitality firsthand.


The bustling capital offers a dynamic blend of urban sophistication and traditional Filipino culture. Here, you’ll meet educated and cosmopolitan Filipino girls, many of whom are open to relationships with foreigners and possess a good command of English, facilitating easier communication.


Known for its stunning beaches and historic sites, Cebu attracts Filipino women who are both traditional and open-minded. Men seeking a blend of beauty, grace, and loyalty will find Cebu an ideal place to search for their bride.


Davao’s reputation for safety and its diverse population make it a hotspot for finding marriage-minded Filipino women. The city’s women are known for their strong values and dedication to family life, appealing to men looking for serious commitments.

Success stories of men who married Filipino women


I met my Filipina wife online over 9 years ago. Frankly, I don’t know how it happened that she had never been married. She had no kids. She was fit and had a pretty face. I was sure someone was catfishing and scamming me at first, but we had a few video calls and it turned out that she was also funny, kind, smart, and a great English speaker. It was my 100% match, so I decided that I hadn’t been on vacation for a long time and bought tickets straight to Manila. We got married a year later in the Philippines and one more year after that, she moved to the United States. Glad I married my wife as quickly as I could. She’s a real treasure even after all those years. Especially after all those years. 


At a certain stage of my life, I was nearly turned off by women. It was after my second divorce, and that time everything ended very badly both financially and emotionally. Around a year after my breakup, my friends made me join a dating site. They said I just needed to change the approach to dating and choose completely different women. Well, what can I say? Always listen to your friends. They know more about you than you do. I married a Filipina woman I met there. No young models or anything like that. She’s a woman my age, with kids also. And she made my life happier than ever before. She’s cute and smart, and for the first time, a woman really cares about me. 

What is the average cost of Filipino mail-order brides?

Finding a wife in the Philippines isn’t free. Still, it doesn’t mean that men literally purchase Filipino brides either. They pay for a wide range of services, and you can see the approximate costs below. 

Expenses Cost 
Coins/credits on a top niche website (6 months)$600
1 round-trip flight (New York-Manila)$1,000
3 weeks in the Philippines (accommodation, food, entertainment, transportation)$2,500
Visa for a bride (to the US)$1,000
Optional expenses (minimum spending on romance)$500
Total $5,600

Note that’s the minimum cost of finding a Filipino girlfriend and marrying her. In reality, it can be higher and sometimes lower, and below, we’ll tell you what that will depend on. 

Cost of online dating services

As we’ve mentioned before, niche dating sites are the most effective platform for those who expect to meet Filipino girls for marriage and start dating one of them in the near future. They are never free. Also, such websites let members control their spending themselves, which means it’s quite hard to estimate the average cost of services for a typical user. 

So, here’s what the total cost of online dating services will depend on: 

  • The site that you choose and its policy 
  • The time you spend on this site
  • The tools you’re going to use most frequently
  • The number of members you’re going to chat with

The costs of credits range from $0.08 per credit to $3 per credit. On some sites, you can get 100 credits for less than $0.15. The cost of chatting will be different too. 

Still, though it seems that estimating the approximate cost of using the site is nearly impossible, top sites have quite similar policies. You can expect to spend around $100 per month, so $600 for a six-month period. 

Cost of trips

Trips to the Philippines aren’t cheap, but you can’t marry someone you’ve never met in real life. So, the total cost of your visits will depend on: 

  • The frequency and duration of trips (shorter trips will cost you a fortune because of the expensive flight tickets)
  • The season when you are going to the Philippines
  • The hotels you stay at, restaurants you have dinners at, etc. 

That’s why we usually recommend choosing a girlfriend wisely and moving on if you notice red flags. Trips are expensive. Ideally, you should come, see a girl, and understand she’s the one. That will save you a lot of time and money. 

Costs of visas 

Everything is a bit simpler with visas. The cost will largely depend on the country, but it usually ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. In the US, it’s only $1,000, but it can be higher if your future wife is moving with her children.  

Spending on romance and other expenses

In this case, expenses are absolutely optional. Still, we recommend considering your romantic preferences when planning your budget. If you are going to send gifts via a dating site, they’ll be more expensive than in a regular online store. A wedding can cost $20,000+. If you’re not going to spend much money on gifts, add at least $500-$1,000 to your list of expenses anyway. 

Legal aspects of marrying a Filipino mail-order bride

As we’ve mentioned previously, a Filipino mail-order bride will need a visa to enter the country. Contrary to common belief, there are no specific restrictions for foreign women who’ve found their American husbands online (the same goes for most other Western countries, too). Just like all other marriage migrants, if they want to start families in the United States, they need to apply for K-1 visas. 

There are quite many requirements (nothing extraordinary, though), but we’d like to stress that a couple will be able to get married in the US only if they can prove that they have a genuine romantic relationship and that they’ve met in person within the previous two years. 

Also, if a bride comes to the US and doesn’t marry her boyfriend within 90 days, she will be deported. If she does it, she’ll be able to apply for adjustment of status. 

Pros and cons of marrying a Filipino woman

Of course, it’s hard to distinguish the benefits and drawbacks of dating women from a particular cultural environment and avoid generalizations. Still, if you can’t decide whether to search for love in the Philippines, you can consider the following pros and cons.

  • Most marriages with Filipino brides work
  • Local women assimilate into new cultures easily, and most speak English well
  • Many Pinay girls are attracted to foreigners, so it may be easier to find a partner
  • Most Filipinas are devoted to their partners and relationships
  • Local girls are rather family-minded and usually want to have children
  • You’ll marry her family, too
  • You’ll need to confront the mail-order bride stigma
  • You’ll need to go through a long-distance phase
  • Finding a Filipina bride will cost you money

Think of all these things carefully. Is it worth it for you? If yes, start your dating journey. The chance is you’ll find your love in the Philippines. 

Family life with a Filipino mail-order wife: overcoming potential difficulties after relocation

So how a Filipino wife manages after moving miles away from home? Cultural and social integration poses a real challenge, but with the right approach, it’s manageable. Let’s dive into the heart of adaptation and how you can support your Filipino bride in this significant transition.

  • First off, the cultural shock of moving to countries like the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia can be overwhelming. Encourage her to explore community groups where she can meet fellow Filipinos. These connections can serve as a bridge between her heritage and her new environment, easing the cultural shift.
  • Then there’s the language barrier. Even if she’s conversant in English, local idioms and slang can be confusing. Patience is key. Help her enroll in advanced language courses if needed, and be her practice partner. It’s not just about language but feeling confident in her new community.
  • Family dynamics in Western countries can differ significantly from the Philippines. This difference in family roles and expectations can lead to misunderstandings. Open discussions about these differences can help both of you adjust your expectations and strengthen your bond.
  • Feeling isolated or homesick is common on the emotional front. Recognize these challenges and validate her feelings. Encourage her to share her emotions, seek professional support if necessary, and remind her that it’s okay to take time to adjust.
  • Lastly, the psychological adjustment to a new life can stir a mix of emotions. Your support, combined with professional counseling, can be beneficial in navigating these waters.

Quick tips from the author

If you’re going to date a Filipina, there will be no super-strict rules to follow. As I’ve mentioned previously, Filipino society is the most open-minded of all Asian societies, so you don’t have to worry about cultural differences as if you were dating a Japanese. Nonetheless, respect for the culture is really appreciated, while stereotypes aren’t. Try to forget everything you’ve heard about Filipino brides previously. Let yourself draw conclusions. Don’t assume anything. Be kind and respectful to her parents. That’s actually enough to succeed and win a Filipino woman’s heart.

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