Japanese Brides: How to Find a Japanese Wife Online

Japanese Brides: How to Find a Japanese Wife Online
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Do Japanese mail-order brides even exist? In fact, Japanese picture brides—women who found husbands in Hawaii via a matchmaker—started to arrive in the US to get married in the 1910s.

Though a lot has changed since that time, Japanese brides keep going to America and other Western countries to get married. Of course, they aren’t women for sale to pick from a catalog. 

If you are considering finding love in Japan and need some clues to get started, just keep reading the guide. We’ll explain how things really work nowadays.

Japanese mail-order bride sites & dating sites 2024

Let’s start with the basics. Today, men don’t search for a Japanese wife via an agency. They mostly do it online, on top websites with Asian women for marriage. Which of the sites are the best? We have some great picks for you. 

Why do some Japanese women decide to become mail-order brides?

It’s hard to say that a modern Japanese woman will be driven by economic reasons when she decides to marry a foreigner. Japan is a developed country with a lot of career opportunities for women. 

If so, what makes Japanese girls for marriage search for partners overseas? Of course, reasons vary, but most women mention the following: 

  • Problems with local men. There’s nothing objectively wrong with the Japanese male population. They are quite responsible and hard-working, but they may be quite traditional and mostly focused on their careers. Some women in Japan are simply seeking more modernity in relationships or have negative associations after hard breakups with local men. 
  • Desire to get married. Yes, it may also be that simple. Some Japanese women can’t find a partner who’d be the same age and would have similar relationship goals and expectations. Many of them believe they can meet family-minded men overseas.
  • Curiosity and desire to immigrate. Japanese society is getting less homogeneous even culturally. The impact of other cultures, interest in something new, and the desire for modernity, along with some adventurousness often make Japanese mail-order wives choose foreign men over locals.

Basically, a Japanese mail-order bride, like a Korean bride, is a single woman who believes that she’s more likely to find a compatible partner in one of the Western countries. She is motivated to build a genuine relationship with this person and is ready to migrate if everything goes well and he turns out to be the one. 

Find Japanese women online

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Why are men looking for a Japanese wife?

Another interesting question is why tens of thousands of Westerners join niche dating sites solely to meet Japanese women for marriage. In most cases, the reasons are as follows:

  • Physical attraction and Japanese aesthetics. We bet you know what we are talking about. Japanese culture is unique, and so is Japanese beauty. We may argue about how strict beauty standards affect local women, but the fact is that Japanese girls with their porcelain skin, gorgeous dark hair, dark eyes, and petite body shape are incredibly attractive. 
  • The unique combination of personality traits and qualities. There are a lot of stereotypes about Japanese women, so let us bust some. Japanese women are really cute, rather emotional, hard-working, and at the same time easygoing, perfectly mannered, and quite tolerant and spontaneous. The main things that distinguish them are a lot of discipline, inner strength, kindness, and empathy.
  • Desire to settle down with a family-minded woman. A man is very unlikely to find a submissive wife in Japan, but he is very likely to meet a woman who’d take the best of the two worlds. Many Japanese ladies are ambitious, hard-working, and well-educated yet still putting marriage and family first.

Men usually look for this in Japanese women or Thai brides. Most succeed and start healthy families. 

Where and how to find a Japanese bride

Generally speaking, you can meet Japanese women for marriage online or offline. What are the options, and which are the best ones? The truth is none is perfect, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

1. Ways to meet Japanese singles online

If you don’t want to leave the country to try your luck in Japan offline, consider the following options: 

  • Mainstream dating apps. Some global platforms have millions of users in Japan and offer free messaging and a few interesting features. However, they are still rather designed for local dating. So, it’ll be harder to find a Japanese woman seeking a foreign boyfriend. 
  • Niche dating websites and mail-order bride sites. These platforms are designed specifically for Asian singles and Westerners seeking serious relationships and marriage. They have multiple special features, better profiles, and advanced moderation algorithms, but they are never free to use. 
  • Social media. With billions of members, platforms like Facebook and Instagram may work for people seeking love internationally. Success, however, will rather depend on luck than on anything else. 

Niche sites are the most effective platforms, but you should consider your priorities when making a choice. 

2. Ways to meet Japanese singles offline

If you aren’t really into online dating, you may consider: 

  • Migration to Japan. Of course, this is not an option for all but only for men who do want to live in this country, have good career opportunities there, love the culture, and are ready for fundamental changes. 
  • Long-term vacations in Japan. If you like the country, you can just go there and meet locals instead of going to tourist places. However, this must be quite a long trip. Otherwise, the chances of finding a girlfriend will be fairly low. 
  • Meeting Japanese migrants in your home city. If the Japanese community in your city is large enough, you can attend national events and join Facebook groups—and maybe one day, you’ll meet someone special. 

The first two options are expensive and work for men who really love Japan, traveling, and offline dates. The main problem with them is that you still have no guarantees. Moreover, it will be harder for you to meet a local girl seeking a foreign husband offline than online, especially compared to niche Japanese dating websites. 

Success stories of men who married Japanese women


My wife is Japanese, and we got married in 2022 in the US. I can’t say that we had never fought about anything—that would be lies, but I still believe and will always believe that our life together was worth every single inconvenience. You’ll need to get used to each other’s traditions and approaches to everything from doing laundry to raising kids, but if you cope with that, it will make you even stronger. We dated for 5 years, 2 of them online and 3 offline, and we’ve been married for over 2 years already. Again, it was worth every effort. 


I’ve always been into Japanese women. I met a few at college and a few at work, but I’ve never had relationships with them as all the girls I’ve met were so out of my league. I married once, then married twice. Nothing worked. I decided that I should try something new and went online. That moment I remembered about Japan. When my wife contacted me on an Asian site, I thought she was a scammer. Again, out of my league, employed, and never married. She made me believe she was real, and I decided to take a risk. We met, and she was even more beautiful. We got married two months ago, and I certainly couldn’t be happier. 

What is the average cost of Japanese mail-order brides?

You can meet Japanese brides online, but you can’t buy one of them. The term “cost” refers to the total cost of all services that one will need to use to find a girlfriend in Japan online, meet her offline, and make things official. 

You can see some of the major expenses and the minimum costs in the table below. 

Credits on niche dating sites (for a six-month period of online communication with Japanese brides)$600
Round-trip flight (New York-Tokyo)$1,000
Three-week trip to Japan (mid-range hotel, food, entertainment, and local transportation included)$2,400
Visa to the United States$1,000
Total $5,000

Again, it’s the minimum price. The actual costs will depend on the multiple choices you’re going to make. They, in turn, will depend on how well you understand how everything works, and we share some clues below. 

1. Online dating costs 

Most men choose niche websites (Asian mail-order bride sites or international dating sites created for Asians and Westerners), and such platforms are never completely free. Most offer men credits that can be spent on premium services—chatting, real and virtual gifts, video calls, etc. 

So, there’s no such thing as the fixed average cost of an online dating service. Too much will depend on how you’re using the site—the number of people you’re approaching, the tools you use, the frequency of communication, etc. 

The costs of credits may range from $0.08 to $2 per credit, and the cost of messaging may range from 0.5 to 20 credits for 10 minutes. 

That’s why it’s so important to test the site as a free member first, see how much it’s going to cost you, and improve your strategy to cut costs or at least not waste credits on the wrong people and useless features. 

All in all, most men who make wise choices usually spend around $100 monthly on top mail-order bride sites. 

2. Cost of trips

Japan isn’t the cheapest Asian country. So, the fewer trips you take before you propose, the lower the total cost. Also, the cost of the trip will depend on the following: 

  • Duration of your trips
  • Your traveling preferences
  • Your dating preferences (number and format of dates)

You may consider meeting your bride in a cheaper country if that’s convenient for both of you. Also, you may choose the season when the tickets are cheaper and consider taking longer trips instead of taking shorter trips. That’s how you can save a fortune on flights. 

3. Making things official 

Japanese wives also need visas to enter the UK, the US, and other countries. The cost will depend on the fees in a particular country. For example, in the case of the United States, the total cost of a visa will be around $1,000. In the UK, a man will pay nearly $2,000

4. Optional expenses

You don’t have to pay for a wedding or have a wedding. You also don’t have to spend money on expensive gifts. Still, dating is dating, so we’d recommend adding at least an extra $500-$1,000 on romance to your list of expenses. If you are going to have a nice wedding ceremony, you may add $10,000-$50,000+ more. 

Legal aspects of marrying a Japanese mail-order bride

So, as we’ve noted previously, men can legally find Japanese women to marry online and then start families with foreign brides in their home country. A Japanese bride needs to apply and get a foreign partner marriage visa. For example, in the United States, it’s a K-1 fiance(e) visa

The requirements vary from country to country, but the major ones remain the same. In particular, a couple always needs to prove that their relationship is 100% genuine, that they’ve met offline within a certain term, and that the citizen can financially support the foreign spouse or that the foreign spouse can provide for herself. 

Pros and cons of marrying a Japanese woman

These are generalizations, of course. Moreover, all the “pros and cons” are highly subjective. Still, if you can’t decide whether you should choose this country to find a wife, take a look at the lists.

Pros of marrying a Japanese:
  • A Japanese woman is likely to make an effort to remain the best version of herself mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • If you find a mail-order bride, you’ll be able to marry her rather soon, not after years and years of dating.
  • Japanese women are caring wives and great mothers.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to marry a Japanese.
Cons of marrying a Japanese:
  • You won’t avoid the long-distance phase in your relationship.
  • You’ll need to learn how to cope with cultural and language barriers.
  • You may face mail-order bride stigma.

Quick tip

There are quite many Japanese women looking for marriage online and offline, but I’d recommend everyone who’s considering Japan to find a spouse to do research on the culture first. There’s nothing wrong with it, and it definitely should be caricatured. However, deeper knowledge and understanding of it will help you develop realistic expectations and develop a strategy for coping with difficulties and barriers even before you meet a Japanese girl. 

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