Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides Guide

Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides Guide
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Vietnam is one of the top mail-bride countries in Asia for several reasons. Vietnamese ladies for marriage are loyal and not too demanding; they have strong family ties and are more traditional than Western ladies; they are friendly and open-minded, etc. But these are not the only reasons why they are worth it. Here, we’ll tell you more about these girls, how to meet them, and how much it costs.

Vietnamese mail-order bride platforms & dating sites 2024

Searching for a trusted website with Vietnamese women for marriage? Tired of fake profiles and scam sites? Want to meet real women who are really interested in a romantic relationship? Check these websites out—they are 100% legit.  

Why do some Vietnamese women decide to become mail-order brides?

  • Lots of them are simply unhappy with local men. A lot of Vietnamese women say that they are more likely to be treated as equals in a relationship with Western men. And this is certainly true—Vietnamese culture and society are much more male-dominated, conservative, and less respectful towards women. Loyalty is also very important to them—and that’s something Vietnamese guys are not that good at. 
  • Some of them are single mothers who want to get a better life for their children. It’s not about finding a rich husband; it’s more about the combination of the previous point and the desire to get a better life for the kids. Their children will live in a better country, they’ll be married to respectful and loyal men, and everyone will be happy.
  • Some just love dating Western guys. We heard that lots of Vietnamese girls think that Westerners are more romantic and good-looking and generally “nicer” than men from Vietnam.

Why are men looking for a Vietnamese wife?

What are the main benefits of marrying a Vietnamese woman? There are at least 5 of them!

  • Vietnamese brides are not demanding. But we don’t want to say that they don’t want attention, of course. It’s more about the financial side of things—Vietnamese ladies don’t expect lots of expensive gifts for them or their parents, like the girls from some other Asian countries. Continuing the comparison, they are also not too controlling when compared to other Asian ladies (this word is more suitable for families with a Chinese wife, for example).
  • A Vietnamese bride doesn’t play mind games in a relationship. Well, it’s a personal thing rather than a national thing, of course, but they are generally quite straightforward—for example, they usually don’t drop hints, they just straight up tell what they want to say.
  • They also have a very strong sense of family. Vietnamese culture is much less individualistic than Western culture, and this fact heavily affects romantic relationships between people from this country. As an example, let’s take a look at the divorce rate. Thus, Vietnam has one the lowest divorce rates in the world—it’s only 0.2 divorces for 1,000 people, while in the US, for example, it’s 2.8 divorces (14 times higher). It’s interesting that this has nothing to do with their religious beliefs—most people in Vietnam are Buddhist, and in Buddhism, marriage is secular, so there are no restrictions on divorce. This, however, has something to do with the traditional, collectivist, patriarchal society, which is one of the reasons why Vietnamese women do their best to keep their families together even if they have problems. 
  • They are also very loyal, which, unfortunately, can’t be said about their men—the situation with infidelity in Vietnam is very similar to how it works in other Southeast Asian countries. It’s the men who cheat, and it’s the women who must be faithful and 100% loyal to their husbands. And as we’ve said, it’s also one of the main reasons why they become mail-order brides. 
  • And of course, Vietnamese wives are traditional and family-centered. They have those traditional Confucian values, and according to East Asian Confucianism, beauty, feminine behavior, and refined speech are the virtues a woman is obligated to possess. It’s not only about these virtues, of course. It’s also about traditional roles—women in this country are still expected to run the household and control the budget of the family.

And remember that it’s not all—we haven’t mentioned lots of traits and features, we didn’t talk about their beauty, and we didn’t say anything about them being great cooks. In reality, the number of reasons why these girls are great is much, much larger. 

Where and how to find a Vietnamese bride

How do you find a Vietnamese wife? There are two main options: offline and online dating.


In an ideal world, the process is simple: you go to Hanoi, meet local women here, choose the lady you like most, propose to her, and bring her to your country.

But we don’t live in that world, unfortunately. In our world, this process is more complex, and you’ll probably have to overcome certain problems and barriers. 

For example, approaching them on the streets. Unlike Thai brides, Vietnamese mail-order brides are slightly less flirty with strangers and less approachable, so picking them up while walking down Ta Hien Street in Hanoi is probably not the best idea. 

The language barrier might also be a problem in this case because even the capital of the country, Ha Noi, is not that great when it comes to the percentage of those who speak English fluently. In fact, Vietnam has 505 EF English Proficiency points, which means locals here are as good in English as, say, people in India, Iran, or Bangladesh.

What’s more, a trip to Vietnam will certainly be quite expensive. It’s not the most expensive country to visit, but still, a two-week trip will cost you at least $2,300 ($700 for the hotel, $100-$200 for a romantic meetup and $200 more for at least a few more dates, $100-$200 for transportation, at least $200 for the food, and $1,000 for the flight). 

And of course, let’s be honest: for a Western tourist, meeting a traditional lady who would be interested in marriage is an extremely unlikely outcome. Most likely, you’ll meet ladies who don’t speak English, ladies who are already in a relationship, and lots of bar girls who would love to spend a night with you but not marry you.

So, the advantages of this method are clear: it’s fun, it’s exciting, and Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit. The disadvantages are also clear: it’s expensive, it’s very unlikely to be successful, and it’s definitely not the right choice for finding a long-term partner. 


You can also meet Vietnamese girls for marriage online. The most serious problem here is that there are dozens of dating sites with these girls, and if you choose the wrong one, you’ll lose time (at best) and money (worst-case scenario). The good news is that choosing the right site isn’t that hard—just read the reviews and pay attention to the site’s reputation and the quality of profiles. 

After you choose the site, it’s pretty simple. You just create a profile, upload some photos, and start talking to the ladies. These websites are usually premium-based, so you’ll need to purchase some credits or a monthly subscription. Most of them offer special bonuses for new users, so it’s not like you have to pay right away. Registration is always free, of course.

Another option is a so-called bride agency—there are only a few of them because this industry is slowly dying, but you can still find one. They are pretty similar to dating sites with their female profiles and live chat, and they usually support and help their users during their trip to another country. The downside is the cost: typically, “romance tours” cost around $5,000 or more. 

Success stories of men who married Vietnamese women

Michael and Nghĩa

Michael, a 45-year-old marketing specialist from NYC, met Nghĩa on a mail-order bride website in 2023. “I wasn’t looking for a Vietnamese wife,” says Michael, “I thought I could find a friend there or just someone who would be a good listener.” 


But Nghĩa gave him much more than that. She’s 25, and she says that she understood that Michael was the one right after the first day of chatting. “I wanted to help him to go through all those problems he had, and suddenly I realized he was my destiny,” she says. “A nice and gentle man like him, so respectful and caring—I felt for him instantly.”


Michael and Nghĩa had their first real date three months after their first online date. Two months later, he returned to Hanoi and proposed to her. Today, they’re still waiting for her K-1 visa, but it’s a matter of the near future.

Caleb and Binh

Caleb met Binh on a dating website, and both of them experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Caleb says that he was impressed by Binh’s values and views on family roles—and by her beauty, of course. Binh, in turn, says that she has never met such a respectful man in her country. “He treated me with so much respect from the very first message, I just couldn’t resist. That’s not something common in Vietnam,” she adds.


They met in person three times in 2022 and then, they got married. Caleb proposed to Binh in the Valley of Love, Da Lat, and that’s where they spent their honeymoon. She got her CR-1 visa in 2023 and today, they live happily in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is the average cost of Vietnamese mail-order brides?

Wondering how much is it to buy a wife from Vietnam?

Well, you can’t “buy her,” that’s not how it works. You can date her online, then date her offline, and then, get her to the US on a K-1 visa—that’s what most Americans do to bring their foreign brides to the country. But that’s not all—there are at least 6 things you’ll probably need to pay for.

  • Dating website—the cost depends on lots of factors, from the features you use to the pricing policy of the site. For most users, however, $100 per month is enough no matter if it’s a credit-based system or a subscription system. Since men usually spend around six months searching for their perfect lady, let’s say the cost of online dating is $600.
  • Hotel and food—the cost depends on the hotel rating and the level of the restaurants. A cheap hostel room will cost you $25 per night, and a night in a fancy 5-star hotel will cost $100 or more. The same can be applied to the food. Typically, it’s around $50/night for a hotel and $20 per day for street food/cheap restaurants.
  • Dates and gifts—depend on your preferences and ideas only. A romantic boat trip will cost you $150, and a dinner in a fine dining restaurant will cost you around $200, but you can also come up with more affordable ideas. 
  • K-1 visa—it’s $900 for the visa, $2,330 for the green card, and around $100-$200 for the medical exam. 

So, now, let’s make it clear one more time. Online dating plus a two-week trip will amount to:

Vietnamese mail-order bride websiteHotel and ticketsFoodDatesGiftsK-1 visaTotal

Legal aspects of marrying a Vietnamese mail-order bride

In short, it’s 100% legal. American citizens can marry Vietnamese ladies, as well as Japanese women for marriage or, say, European brides legally. 

There are two options: a K-1 visa and a CR-1 visa. The first one is for those who plan to marry in the US after getting the visa, the second one is for those who already got married outside the US. 

For some, K-1 is better because it’s faster than CR-1; for others, CR-1 works better because it’s cheaper and because your wife will not need to wait for six months in the US without the ability to work or leave the country. 

But it’s up to you to choose, of course. What you need to know is that if your relationship is real and genuine and you have no problems with the documents, your bride or wife will most likely be allowed to get her visa and green card. 

Quick tips

  • Be a good guy. Vietnamese ladies are tired of conservative guys who cheat, don’t treat them as equals, and abuse them. Show that you’re a real gentleman who treats women with respect, and you’ll impress them easily.
  • Choose a trusted site with real Asian brides. Read literally all the reviews you can find and double-check everything, from the reputation to the quality of profiles. 
  • Be ready to meet her parents. You’ll need to be extra respectful with them, avoid PDA, dress modestly, bring them gifts (probably), and do everything to show that you’re the right partner for their daughter.
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