Chinese Brides: How to Find a Chinese Wife Online

Chinese Brides: How to Find a Chinese Wife Online
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Although binational marriages were socially discouraged in China just a few decades ago, now Chinese women are becoming the new stars of the international dating market. Men who want to find an Asian wife aren’t focused on the Philippines or Thailand anymore. A lot are interested in meeting exclusively Chinese brides. 

How can they succeed? What should a man expect from a Chinese wife, and how much will he spend on the sole opportunity to meet her? You’ll find all the answers, clues, and insights in this guide, so read on.

Chinese mail-order bride websites & dating sites 2024

Most men who end up marrying women from China meet their Chinese brides online, on mail-order bride sites, or on niche Asian sites created for Asian women and Western men. 

Such platforms must meet multiple quality criteria, so research will definitely be time-consuming. If you want to start your dating journey right away, consider choosing one of the top sites our experts have already checked, reviewed, and ranked the highest.

Why do some Chinese women decide to become mail-order brides?

The first question most ask about Chinese mail-order brides is basic yet crucially important. Who are these women? Here’s the answer. 

A Chinese mail-order bride is a single woman, usually in her late 20s or mid 30s who’s 100% ready and motivated to start a family. She doesn’t want to have multiple relationships until she finds someone compatible. She wants to meet someone compatible and get married in the near future.

Also, she’s not interested in meeting a local partner. She’s intentionally looking for a foreign spouse. However, a Chinese bride is never motivated by financial compensation from a website, agency, or her potential husband. Migration is also often viewed rather as a “side effect” than a benefit of a mail-order marriage. 

If so, what’s the motivation of Chinese wives? If you ask people, you’re likely to hear directly opposite opinions. There’s no need to choose between two extremes, though. They are not saints, and they aren’t gold diggers. They actually have their own complex motivations mostly explained by the following:

  • Attraction to foreign men, especially Westerners. That’s a big thing, actually. Many Chinese women are just attracted to foreign men both physically and mentally. Dating a foreign guy is somehow prestigious, so many local girls see intermarriage as a good rather than a bad thing. 
  • Cultural impact. It’s about the attraction of the Western world at large. Though the culture of the Eastern World is no less magnificent, Asian women often tend to try something new. They want to see the world and change their lifestyle, and that makes marriage migration less scary and more beneficial in the eyes of many Chinese singles. 
  • Positive expectations from foreign partners. It’s partially explained by no-so-good experiences with local guys (that doesn’t tell us anything about Chinese men—it’s about personal experiences only) and positive stereotypes about foreigners. Foreign guys are often seen as “manly,” responsible, well-established, caring partners. 

All in all, Chinese women looking for marriage overseas usually choose this path because they want to. Yes, it can be that simple. But what about the guys who want to find a Chinese wife? 

Why do men look for a Chinese wife?

In most cases, the motivation of men looking for a wife in China is explained by the following:

  • Desire to meet a woman with more traditional views on family. Finding such a woman is especially easy in rural parts of China, but even in big cities, a man can find a marriage- and family-minded partner without much difficulty. Local women have traditional values. This is explained by multiple factors, including the impact of more conservative parents and a more traditional society. 
  • Desire to meet a woman who’ll be truly devoted to her partner. Just like in many other Asian countries, in China, relationships matter a lot. Most Chinese women don’t take them for granted. They know how to express their feelings through love and care, they know how important sharing is, making the relationship healthier and stronger, and motivating a man to invest in it more.
  • Attraction to Chinese women. Undoubtedly, Chinese women are rightfully considered some of the most beautiful women in Asia and the entire world. But that’s not all. They are also strong and feminine at the same time, wise, well-educated, loving, romantic, funny, and easygoing. All that attracts men and often makes them join niche sites to find a perfect match in China.

As you can see, there’s no big mystery. There are multiple reasons why Chinese women are dream women for many Westerners. 

Where and how to find a Chinese bride

All the options fall under two categories: ways to meet a Chinese wife online and ways to find a partner in China offline. What are they? Take a look at the lists: 

Ways to find a Chinese wife online: 

  • Dating apps. By dating apps, we mean local dating apps. Unfortunately, Tinder and similar apps are blocked in China. There are some local platforms like Tantan, Momo, Qingchifan, and Blued. Still, on such apps, singles mostly look for partners who are already in China. 
  • Niche dating sites. These are the best for foreigners seeking love in China. They have the right target audiences, the best features, and top matching algorithms — but they are never completely free. 
  • Chinese social media. On platforms like Weibo and WeChat (Instagram and Facebook aren’t available within the country), you don’t pay for messaging and get excessive information from every user. However, your search will take more time just because it’s harder to find someone single and open for communication with a foreign stranger on social media. 

Ways to find a Chinese partner offline

  • National events and holidays in your home city. That works only for big cities, but if the Chinese diaspora is large enough, you may consider participating in themed events. Also, you can just go to Chinatown, chat with people, and probably, you’ll meet someone. 
  • Migration to China or long-term trips. You’ll need to stay for quite a long time in China to meet a girl who wouldn’t think you’re just another Westerner seeking casual relationships and NSA. Still, if you like the culture, it may be absolutely worth it. 

Online options are cheaper and more convenient overall, but we’d still recommend putting your specific priorities and preferences first. 

Success stories of men who married Chinese women


I married a Chinese woman 2 years ago. My wife always says that the main reason she chose me was that I saw a person in her and not just an Asian hottie or whatever guys on dating sites usually call Chinese women. Things didn’t move super fast for us. We met online and chatted for 2 or 3 months, and I then went to Asia on vacation, so that’s when we first met. We started dating and had a long-distance relationship for 1.5 years and another year when we were waiting for her visa. She moved to the US, and now I’m the happiest man. As you’ve probably guessed, it wasn’t always an easy ride. With a foreign bride, you still build a relationship, compromise, cope with barriers, and stuff like that. But it was worth it for me. 


I love China, Chinese people, and Chinese culture. No wonder I married a Chinese woman not so long ago. Don’t believe those who say that Chinese people and Westerners are all the same. Don’t believe those who say they’re from completely different worlds either. My wife believes that if she’s a woman, I’m supposed to be a man. I mean, I’m protective, supportive, responsible, I’m a provider. She is feminine, she takes care of the family, but she’s not obedient. She also respects my right to have hobbies, meet friends, etc. It’s a new modern-traditional type of relationship, and I just love it. We play by old rules but adapt them a bit for both of us to feel free and happy. Just a perfect scenario for me. 

What is the average cost of Chinese mail-order brides?

Let us start with the basics. Chinese mail-order wives aren’t for sale. Nonetheless, it’s hard to say that men can get a bride from China without spending a penny. The thing is, they need to pay for online dating services, trips in real life, visas, and some other expenses

What are the prices? Considering that there are no fixed costs, a lot will depend on the man himself. Nonetheless, we can still calculate the minimum price of finding a mail-order wife in China. 

ExpensesApproximate cost 
Online dating services (credits on a top mail-order bride site)$600
Round-trip flight (New York-Beijing)$1,400
3 weeks in China (hotel, food, transportation, entertainment)$1,600
Visa for a Chinese bride$1,000
Spending on romance$500+
Total $5,100

1. Online spending: How much for using a top mail-order bride site? 

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about the mail-order bride segment of the online dating market. First, top sites are never free. Second, they never use premium plans and offer credits or coins instead. 

That, in turn, means that it’s incredibly hard to estimate the average cost of online dating services. It will depend a lot on a member’s dating strategy and the choices he makes when using the site. 

Of course, the price will also depend on the policy of the website. For example, the costs of credits may range from $2 per credit to $0.20 for 100 credits, and the cost of messaging may range from 0.5 to 200 credits for 10 minutes. 

Though it seems quite complex, on most top sites, men who try to make rational choices spend around $100 monthly. So, if it takes six months for you to find a girlfriend, you’ll pay a total of $600.

2. Costs of trips to China

The principle is simple. You can’t marry someone without meeting this person in real life, but the more frequently you go to China to meet your bride, the higher the total cost. All in all, the amount of money you’re going to spend on trips will depend on the following: 

  1. Frequency and duration of trips (fewer longer trips are more beneficial as you cut ticket costs, which are rather high)
  2. Your preferences on trips (class of hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  3. Your dating style (money you spend on flowers, gifts, dinners, etc.)

Of course, most people don’t usually decide to get married after they first meet offline, so we’d recommend planning and estimating the costs of at least two trips. 

3. How much for making things legal?

It will depend on the country. Also, there may be some extra fees for your bride’s children’s visas. In most cases, a K-1 visa to the US will cost the couple $1,000. 

4. Spending on romance

Such costs may range from $500 to eternity depending on how you spend money on dates, gifts, surprises, etc. Note that mail-order brides don’t usually expect men to shower them with gifts, but we’d still recommend adding at least $500-$1,000 to your list of expenses. 

Legal aspects of marrying a Chinese mail-order bride

So, as we’ve mentioned previously, men who meet Chinese wives online can legally start families with their partners. In the eyes of most laws, in particular, the US law, Chinese mail-order brides are just marriage migrants, and like all marriage migrants, they must apply for visas. 

Those women who expect to get married in the United States and stay need to apply for K-1 visas. There are multiple requirements, and the couple will need to collect quite many documents, but there are a few main rules you should be aware of. 

First of all, you must be able to prove that your romantic relationship is genuine. Second, you’ll need to prove that you’ve met in person in real life. Finally, you’ll need to provide evidence that the migrant can provide for herself or that her American spouse will be able to do it. 

If everything goes well, the bride will be able to get married and stay in the country by applying for an adjustment of status. 

Pros and cons of marrying a Chinese woman

Finding a wife in China may be a great idea for some men and not the best choice for others. How do you understand what group you are most likely to belong to? Take a look at the potential pros and cons. Yes, they are highly subjective, and a lot will depend on you and your partner, but they can still help you choose the right direction.

  • Chinese girls for marriage are often characterized as both feminine and strong.
  • You can find a more conservative woman in rural China and a more modern woman in urban China.
  • It may be easier to attract Chinese girls as many of them believe foreigners are very attractive.
  • Chinese women are also described as caring, devoted, loyal, smart, and kind.
  • Most are really motivated to get married and keep families together. 
  • Traditional gender roles are no problem for most local women.
  • There will be cultural barriers.
  • Some women may be even too hard to get.
  • Taking care of parents both financially and emotionally will always be your wife’s duty.
  • Many local women are very, very rational and often materialistic.

Pros may sound like cons for some people, and cons may sound really good to someone, too. Again, it’s subjective. What matters most is what seems more important to you. Give an honest answer to this simple question, and you’ll make the right choice.

Bonus tip

If you’re going to meet Chinese women for marriage online or offline, do two things. Show respect for China and mind your manners. Forget about things moving fast. Chinese women are some of the last women that could be called “easy.” They aren’t Puritans, either. You just need to pass the test.

As for the culture, it’s really important. Most Chinese people aren’t obsessed with it and don’t expect a foreigner to understand it as well as a local, but showing respect is a must for everyone who’s going to make a good impression on a Chinese person.

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