Thai Brides: How to Find a Thai Wife Online

Thai Brides: How to Find a Thai Wife Online
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Some say Thai women are the loveliest people and the most loving partners in the world. Some say you can never find a wife in Thailand or even have a genuine romantic relationship with a Thai woman—as a foreigner, you’ll only meet bar girls. 

Where’s the truth? Considering that in 2021, over 4.4K Thai women married foreigners, a man can find a Thai wife. Is it a good idea, how much will it cost, and what should you expect from Thai brides? You’ll find the answers here.  

Thai mail-order brides sites & dating sites 2024

Most men who end up marrying girls from Thailand meet their future Thai wives online, on niche websites created for Asian mail-order brides and Westerners. Where can you find such sites? Look no further—our experts have already chosen the best platforms for you.  

Why do some Thai women decide to become mail-order brides?

Let’s start with a modern mail-order bride meaning. 

A Thai mail-order bride is a single woman who wants to meet a husband abroad and marry him in the near future, and not after years of dating. In the vast majority of cases, she joins a dating site to find a partner and migrate to get married one day. She’s planning to build a genuine relationship with a compatible person and isn’t compensated by the dating site, dating agency, or her future husband for her decision to get married. 

If Thai wives migrate to get married instead of getting married to migrate, and if they aren’t motivated by financial compensation of any kind, what makes them search for foreign husbands? The most common reasons are as follows: 

  • Desire for modernity in relationships without abandoning some old gender roles.  
  • Readiness to settle down and start a family, desire to meet a marriage-minded man.
  • Desire to meet a loyal man motivated to keep a family together.
  • Attraction to foreign men, positive stereotypes about Westerners.
  • Desire to find an “equal” partner (there are more well-educated Thai women than men).
  • Cultural impact, adventurousness, curiosity.

Also, it’s about personal preferences and experiences, for example, negative previous relationship experiences with local men. 

Find Thai women online

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Why are men looking for a Thai wife?

So, Thai girls for marriage may have quite a wide range of reasons to choose, date, and marry foreign men. But why do so many Westerners want to find a wife in Thailand? Here are the answers: 

  • Thai women value love and family. The vast majority of local women want to have serious relationships. In part, that’s explained by tradition. People who have stable relationships and families are socially encouraged, while those who remain single may be stigmatized. Even apart from that, most women note that for them, finding a soulmate is the only way to emotional fulfillment. They love love and want it to be strong and healthy. 
  • They are known as some of the most caring partners. Thai women are really devoted to their partners, and they usually express their feelings through love and care. That’s how their husbands always feel loved and how relationships get stronger overall. 
  • They are attracted to foreign men. The idea of finding a partner in another country seems better when you know you have an advantage there and can end up marrying someone truly special in just a year.
  • Thai girls are loyal wives motivated to keep the family together. Faithfulness is another thing that most men are looking for and actually find in Thailand. Marriage isn’t an empty sound for local women, so they are ready to make some serious effort to make it work.

Generally speaking, Western men are just well aware of the fact that beautiful Thai women usually make good wives, as well as of the fact that finding a wife in Thailand is easier than in many other countries of the world. 

Where and how to find a Thai bride

How to find a wife in Thailand? Basically, you can meet her online and offline. 

Ways to meet Thai women for marriage online: 

  1. Mainstream dating apps. They can be free, and the number of members may be really impressive. However, most Thai women registered on such apps are looking for local boyfriends, and premium features will still cost you real money. 
  2. Mail-order bride sites and niche international dating sites. These platforms are the best for marriage-minded singles looking for future spouses. The target audience is right, the security level is higher, and the features are designed for people seeking serious relationships overseas. 
  3. Social media sites. Instagram and Facebook are free, and they have more members than any dating site. However, finding a partner will take much more time, and success will depend on luck overall. 

Ways to meet single Thai women offline: 

  1. Emigration. Obviously, that’s not an option for all, but if you love the country, can work there, don’t mind learning the language, etc., it will be the best way to find a local wife offline. 
  2. Vacations in Thailand. They should be long—otherwise, the chance of finding a girlfriend (a real girlfriend and not a bar girl) will be much lower. 
  3. Meeting Thai singles in your home city. That will work only if there’s a large Thai community in your city and if national events, meetings, and gatherings take place rather often so you can join. 

Success stories of men who married Thai women


One day, over a year after my divorce, I decided that I should probably look for Thai brides online. A friend of mine just married his Thai gf, and things seemed to work perfectly for both of them. Long story short, I joined the dating site. At first, I seemed to be good only at making friends. I decided to change the approach then and chatted with women who were up to 5 years younger than me, and things got a lot better. It wasn’t an easy ride overall.

My now-wife contacted me first after over a year of conversations and short-term relationships with other women. She’s amazing, and now I know it was worth it, but there were some hard times especially when you know you’ve already found the soulmate yet need to wait for another year until her visa is approved. 


I found a beautiful Thai woman my age with the same interests and views on family online, so yeah that’s possible if you’re lucky and picky in a good sense. I chose my future wife among hundreds of other women because she was also into classic literature, modern cars, and sports. I went to Bangkok after just a month. You may get along perfectly together, but chemistry is important too. And we had a lot of it. We decided to get married the second time when I came to meet her. It took another year to get all things done and another year for her to assimilate. It’s been nearly half a decade since then, and we still live happily together raising two beautiful children. 

What is the average cost of Thai mail-order brides?

How much is a Thai bride? 

As we’ve noted previously, Thai mail-order brides are just single women looking for marriage- and family-minded men abroad. They don’t receive any compensation either from their agencies or sites they are using or from their husbands. So, there’s no such thing as the actual cost of a Thai wife. 

It’s just an expression referring to the total cost of services that a man needs to use to meet a Thai bride, build a relationship with her, and then make their relationship official. You can see the main expenses, as well as the minimum costs in the table below. 

Membership/credits on a top niche website$600
Round-trip flight (New York—Bangkok)$1,000
Mid-range 3-week trip to Thailand (hotel, meals, transportation, entertainment)$1,700
Spending on romance (optional)$500
Total $4,800

Costs, however, may be higher or lower, and we explain how that may happen below. 

Top sites with Thai wives — How much will they cost you? 

A good niche website (a platform with Asian brides and Western men only) is the best place in Thailand to find a wife. However, such websites are never free. Moreover, it’s hard to calculate the average cost of using such platforms—they rarely offer premium plans and usually send credits instead. 

Costs of credits vary greatly. For example, on one site, you may pay $2.99 for 1,000 credits, while on another top platform, you’ll get 20 or 30 credits for that same price. Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the first site is much cheaper. On one platform, you may spend 2,000 credits per 10 minutes of messaging, while on another site, it will cost you only 0.5 credits.

That’s why it’s so important to consider the policy of a particular site.

The final price will depend on it as well as on: 

  • The time you spend on the site
  • The number of Thai mail-order wives you’re going to contact
  • The price of features you will use most frequently. 

In most cases, men who choose top niche platforms spend around $100 monthly. So, if it takes 6 months for you to find a girlfriend, you’ll pay $600 in total. But again, much will depend on your choices. 

Costs of trips to Thailand 

In the table, we provided the cost of a mid-range three-week trip to Thailand. It may be higher or lower, though, depending on the following: 

  • Time when you buy tickets
  • Duration vs. frequency of your trips
  • Your travel preferences (class of hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Type of offline dates you prefer

Of course, the sooner you decide to make your relationship official, the fewer trips you’ll take, and the lower the total cost. Also, if you want to save money, consider taking longer trips instead of going to Thailand more frequently. The fewer times you buy tickets the better. 

The price of a visa

Here, everything is more or less simple. The vast majority of visa applicants spend around $1,000 on all the fees and other expenses. Note that the cost may be a bit higher or lower depending on the cost of medical exams. 

How much for romance? 

We’d also recommend considering spending on romance. The costs aren’t always high. Most men spend just a few hundred dollars on flowers and gifts. Not all couples have big weddings that cost tens of thousands of dollars either. Just plan your budget based on your plans. 

Legal aspects of marrying a Thai mail-order bride

There are no special laws and requirements for Thai mail-order brides, Chinese brides, Vietnamese brides, or anyone else. Just like everyone else, American citizens who met their Thai brides online need to file the petition for Alien Fiancee so their foreign girlfriends can apply for K-1 visas and enter the United States to get married. 

Pros and cons of marrying a Thai woman

Of course, we can’t predict what every particular marriage to a Thai woman will be like. People are unique, and so are their relationships. Nonetheless, we can still distinguish some common points you can consider when deciding whether to search for or not to search for a wife in Thailand.

  • The chance of meeting a well-educated, beautiful, and family-minded woman is really high.
  • There are thousands of Thai singles registered on niche websites for Westerners and Asians.
  • Most Thai women want to have children and are motivated to keep the family together.
  • The marriage success rate is rather high.
  • Thai women assimilate into Western cultures quite easily.
  • Jealousy is a rather common problem.
  • You’ll need to cope with language and cultural barriers.
  • You’ll need to go through a long-distance phase.

What seems to be more important to you? Weigh all the pros and cons and then make a final choice. 

Quick tip

There are thousands of Thai women looking for marriage overseas, so even as a foreigner, you can succeed on the local dating scene quite easily. The question is whether it’s what you really need. Much should be considered, so I’d recommend you to do deeper research on the local culture. Still, there’s one thing you should be definitely aware of. 

Family bonds in Thailand are really strong. Don’t expect your Thai wife to start a brand new life with you. She’ll always keep in touch with her parents and siblings and do her best to help them emotionally and financially. If that’s not something you tolerate in relationships, maybe you should consider another foreign country for dating. 

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