Chinese wedding hair combing tradition

Hair combing is one of the wedding customs that must be carried out the night before the wedding day. Both families should talk about this custom to avoid misunderstandings and to decide whether to follow or simply ignore the tradition.

If the couple decides to follow the wedding custom, they need to look for two women with good fortune to conduct hair combing in their respective homes. Depending on the custom, the hair is combed three or four times while uttering the blessings. If the mothers of the couple are good fortune ladies, they can do the ceremony.

On the eve of the wedding day, the bride and groom must bathe on pomegranate leaves to hold off evil. After that they must wear new shoes and clothing. The bride and groom should sit in front of the mirror or window. The woman with good fortune will comb the hair while uttering the blessings.

The first stroke should be from the beginning to the tips of the hair and blessing the couple with togetherness all the days of their life. The second is for harmony or closeness, and the third is to have many children and grandchildren. The fourth is long life being together as a couple.

After the hair combing, the couple must eat glutinous rice balls for a sweet and complete marriage.