Legit Mail Order Brides: a Reality or a Dream?

Legit Mail Order Brides: a Reality or a Dream?
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Once, George Sand said, ‘There is only one happiness in  this life: to love and be loved.’ No wonder people are looking for their matches nearby and on other continents and countries. There will be an estimated total of over 440 million online daters by 2027, so around 5% of people will be looking for soulmates online. 

It resulted in the appearance and an incessantly growing popularity of mail order bride websites that help people find soulmates almost in any spot on the planet. Why do they attract so many singles, and what to consider when you decide to get a mail order bride online in 2024? Let’s discover now! 

Why Are Mail Order Marriages Getting Popular?

Mail order marriages aren’t a novelty in the modern world. Most such marriages happened between 1880s and 1910s when women sent their pictures to prospective grooms living in other countries. Modern technology has changed a lot in the way how men look for mail order brides. It has resulted in a prevalence of marriages that are created in this way. There are several examples of data to confirm this fact.

  • More than 8,000 dating platforms are operating on the web in 2024, but only mail order bride sites focus on marriage-oriented relationships and attract millions of members worldwide.
  • Marriage trends undergo lots of changes nowadays. The number of people willing to be in serious relationships but not always in marriage increases daily. They want to enjoy support, understanding, and respect in relationships built on trust, empathy, and care. 
  • Marriages with international brides are more durable. Around 44% of marriages in the USA end in divorce, and this index reaches 60% for couples who marry before 25 years or for the second time. When it comes to international marriages, only every 5th couple decides to break up their relationship.
  • Matches are found faster and easier thanks to international marriage agencies operating online. Men receive an opportunity to communicate with more single women looking for a serious romance, resulting in faster arrangements.
  • The success rate of marriages created online is higher. The research confirms a greater satisfaction rate from these relationships, better quality, and lower divorce rates.
  • Global changes and tendencies have a great impact on modern matchmaking. Some countries like Israel and Ukraine, where women don’t feel secure, have an increase in the number of mail order brides looking for foreign spouses. 

People in many countries prefer cohabitation instead of marriage, are more prone to divorce, and marry later than earlier. These and other trends shape the future of relationships and make the popularity of mail order brides grow.

Top 7 Mail Order Bride Websites in 2024

The mail order bride industry is developing at an incredible speed, so it has become an integral part of traditional international dating. Currently, there are dozens of international dating sites with lots of potential foreign wives, no matter whether you want to meet Japanese women, Filipina mail order brides, or Eastern European women. 

What online dating site can substitute an international marriage agency with the same high success rate? These top 7 websites have gained a good reputation among Western men. They picture brides in all their beauty and offer an extensive selection of features to find foreign brides.



SofiaDate is among the best platforms for meeting women from Eastern European countries. Girls can meet mail order husbands there, while men dreaming of a future spouse will surely find Russian women, Ukrainian women, and many women from neighboring states.

SofiaDate is one of the fastest-growing platforms to find a perfect match. It has a rich interface with many useful features, including likes, favorites, search filters, and several communication options such as instant chat and e-letters. You can say hello to the woman of your choice and watch pre-recorded videos on her profile to learn more about her.

What does it cost to start searching for a mail order bride there? You can do that for free with limited functionality, but a wider range of options costs credits that must be purchased. Their packages start from $2.99, and the biggest one with 1,000 credits is $200.




Asian mail order brides are listed on SakuDate. This website features over 70k monthly visits and offers all the necessary functionality to meet a foreign bride. A high success rate of relationships with women from Asian countries attracts many foreign men to this platform since getting a wife is possible only with a few clicks.

SakuraDate is more effective in matchmaking than many marriage brokers. All this is thanks to the many different options offered there. Any foreign man can register an account, view girls’ profiles, and interact with them differently. They can send messages in a chat and add stickers, photos, and even videos. There are also icebreakers for inexperienced daters.

It’s a pleasure to build a relationship on SakuraDate, thanks to its many free features. However, you won’t succeed without premium options, so getting credits to order them is a must. In addition to a bonus of 20 credits, you can buy from 35 to 1,000 credits. The prices range between $2.99 and $200.

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Men dreaming of emotional Latin partners can check potential mail-order wives on Latidate. This relatively new matchmaking platform has already attracted its devoted audience by focusing on security, quality of services, and ease of use.

It offers a traditional selection of features for an online dating site. There are rather informative profiles with many photos and a user-friendly interface to start the soulmate search without delays. You can sort out online members, make your list of favorites, and get match suggestions based on your behavioral patterns. Socializing is limited to instant messaging and longer mails, but you can diversify it with a photo, video, audio attachments, and stickers.

The cost of Latidate services won’t impact the general bride price. At the very beginning of your membership, you don’t need to pay anything since bonus credits open you access to several premium features. However, if you run out of these credits, you’ll need to get more, paying as little as $2.99 or as much as $200 for a bulk order.

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4. La-Date


La-Date is a platform with numerous foreign women originating from Latin American countries. You can see lots of Colombian, Mexican, and Brazilian girls with different cultural backgrounds. Many ladies from these countries face limited economic opportunities and look for American men for romantic relationships and to enjoy every day together.

La-Date is a website with over 1.5 million visits a month. Members of this platform can benefit from many valuable features. There’s a convenient search engine with the opportunity to filter members by country, characteristics, and status. You can express your attraction with likes, winks, and even virtual gifts. The range of communication means isn’t very extensive, but you’ll surely find a comfortable chatting tool and mail.

You can join La-Date for free and start such relationships that you really need. New members get a welcome bonus of 20 credits for that, but if you want to interact with a Latin young lady without limits, you’ll need to get credits. The cheapest plan is only $2.99, but you can buy more credits in bulk, paying $750 for 750 credits.




Men attracted to ladies from different countries of Eastern Europe can find more mail order brides on UkraineBride4You. It’s a multi-functional website to meet women for marriage of any age. This platform will help you get married due to its diverse features.

You can attract the attention of the opposite gender not only with simple options like saying hi or liking a profile. This platform has powerful interaction tools, including text chat, voice messages, two types of video chat, and many extra solutions like attachments, stickers, gifts, and much more.

This website to meet Slavic singles has a limited free trial and a prepaid system of premium services. New users are given free chat vouchers and Say Hi options plus a one-month free membership package. Later, users need to obtain credits, which are sold in three packages. The first two credits can be purchased for only $3.99, but you can get 100 credits for $399 at once to save time on communication.




BravoDate is an international dating site with European women that makes starting a relationship easy. Though there are ladies from different cultures, many of them speak English and are attracted to Western dating culture, so they look for soulmates on this website.

Bravodate is a great website for new daters because of its simplicity of registration and navigation. Thanks to an extensive user database and diverse functionality, the platform features over 500k monthly visits. In addition to traditional messaging tools, members can view every user’s newsfeed, add a variety of attachment types, and impress ladies with virtual and real gifts.

This online dating site combines free and paid features. You can have an easy start with free sign-up, profile browsing, and using a search engine. 20 bonus credits also make trying a couple of paid options possible. After that, you’ll need more credits offered in plans worth $2.99 to $149.




Many mail-order brides from various regions join TheLuckyDate website intending to get married. Over 460k people visit this site over 460k times a month, and many of them manage to meet potential mail-order wives thanks to a variety of real users.

TheLuckyDate is a secure international dating platform with all the necessary features for meeting, interacting with, and attracting foreign brides. Men can search for potential matches by country and age, communicate in chat and by mail, send photos and videos that disappear over time, and surprise girls with lovely digital gifts.

Viewing and searching mail order brides listed on TheLuckyDate is free, but men will surely need credits to converse with them. The first 2,000 credits are given as a bonus, but they’re enough only to meet a mail-order bride. The next credits must be purchased for real money starting at $2.99.


Our team has detailedly researched multiple online destinations that offer to meet mail order brides. We have selected websites more likely to meet user expectations and offer success-oriented matchmaking. 

How to Get a Wife?

It can be difficult to find someone who fits you perfectly, but not on a mail order bride site. This procedure is simple and clear but involves financial expenses similar to dating in real life.

Sign up for a dating website
Create a profile, add a photo, and complete a personality test to get better match suggestions.
Find a mail order wife you’ve always wanted
Use a search tool to discover women who have characteristics of your ideal spouse.
Communicate and court the woman you like
Discover more about the potential match, learn her closer, and take steps to win her heart despite possible cultural differences.
Arrange a real-life date
You can order this service on the site and make the first trip to the country of your woman’s residence.
Spend more time together
Visit each other and meet on vacations as frequently as possible to check the strength of your feelings.
Plan your wedding
When you decide to get married, it will be the first step to a new chapter in your love story.

How Much Are Mail Order Brides?

Now you know that paving your way to a mail order marriage is a relatively affordable and smooth experience. Your expenses on such sites depend on multiple factors. If you interact with numerous women for hours and shower them with gifts, you’ll have to get new credits very often. 

However, it’s possible to spend money reasonably looking for a woman of your dreams. You can communicate only with representatives of different cultures who are really likely to steal your heart, and you can use only those services that will contribute to the success of your relationship.

You may see that all mail order bride sites have a credit system. Which one offers the most attractive pricing policy? Let’s sum up in the chart.

SofiaDate20 credits35 credits – $2.99 (first offer)35 credits – $12.9950 credits – $19100 credits – $33250 credits – $75400 credits – $1001,000 credits – $200
SakuraDate20 credits35 credits – $2.99 (first offer)35 credits – $12.9950 credits – $19100 credits – $33250 credits – $75400 credits – $1001,000 credits – $200
La-Date30 credits20 credits – $2.99 (first offer)20 credits – $9.9950 credits – $19.99125 credits – $44.99250 credits – $69.99750 credits – $149.99
UkraineBride4You2 Free Chat Vouchers and 2 Free Say Hi greeting vouchers + 1-month free premium membership2 credits – $3.99 (first offer)2 credits – $15.9916 credits – $96100 credis – $399
LatiDate20 credits35 credits – $2.99 (first offer)35 credits – $12.9950 credits – $19100 credits – $33250 credits – $75400 credits – $1001,000 credits – $200
BravoDate30 credits20 credits – $2.99 (first offer)20 credits – $9.9950 credits – $19.99125 credits – $44.99250 credits – $69.99750 credits – $149.99
TheLuckyDate2,000 credits2000 for $2.99 (first order)

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Meet Foreign Mail Order Brides?

A trip to another country isn’t cheap. The price may depend on the distance to be covered, the time spent there, the person’s travel habits and preferences. Meeting Russian women and most LatAm girls in their motherland will be more affordable than doing that in Japan or some European states. 

Attracting ladies from other Asian countries, like Vietnamese brides or Chinese brides may cost less. Therefore, we’ll provide approximate sum ranges from the minimum to the maximum cost for a moderate 2-week visit to a foreign country.

  • Two-way flight tickets with additional transportation services – $600-$2,000
  • Accommodation for 2 weeks – $700-$2,100 (from $50 a day up to $150 a day)
  • Meals and dining out – $700-$1,400
  • Moving around and using taxi services – $150-$500
  • Entertainment and romantic dates – $500-$3,000

In some cases, this list includes a visa cost ranging from $100 to $500, gifts and surprises to impress a lady, and other additional expenses you may not consider at the beginning of your travel. Therefore, we advise adding at least 10% to the total journey budget when you make its list of expenses.

In What Regions Are the Best Mail Order Bride Prices?

The reasons for becoming mail order brides are different. Some of them want to flee away from domestic abuse or escape poverty, while others dream about a green card or living with their loved ones in another country. Much depends on the woman’s location, impacting the bride price. Some regions may be more affordable regarding the bride search, so let’s discover them.

1. Asian Mail Order Bride Cost

Asian brides are very popular with Western men. The selection of countries where women become mail order brides is rather big. They are China, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and many others. Most of these countries require a visa from tourists, so US men traveling to China should get an entry visa for around $140

American men traveling to see Korean women should get a visa for $45, and the same type of visa for Europeans costs around $40. At the same time, residents of the USA, Australia, countries of the EU, and others don’t require a visa to enter Japan.

Buying a perfect match in most Asian states is less expensive than in European countries. Many countries like Thailand, Vietnam, or China have a moderate cost of living, so you won’t spend much on being in these countries. However, this rule doesn’t work in Japan and South Korea, where wives can be much more expensive.

2. Latin Mail Order Brides Cost

Most mail order brides from the Latin region come from Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Every foreign man who comes to the country from this list should know the necessity of obtaining a visa. European citizens pay around $27 for a visa to visit Mexico and €40 to travel to Colombia. US citizens willing to arrive in the Dominican Republic should pay as much as $185 for a visa.

You can see the difference in the arrival costs, so brides’ prices vary from country to country. Undoubtedly, these women will cost less for American grooms because they cover a smaller distance and because ladies come from less developed countries. It means that men can save up to 20% on potential brides.

3. European Mail Order Brides Cost

Willing to find more mail order brides from Europe? The majority of ladies ready to marry foreigners come from Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Russian women have always been popular with overseas men, but arrival rules to this country have changed a lot since the twentieth century.

US citizens coming to Russia should get a visa for $160, but nowadays, men aren’t advised to visit the Russian Federation because of its aggression. Most European countries require tourists to get a Schengen visa worth €80, so you need to consider that if you decide to visit the woman of your choice in the European Union.

It’s possible to find a perfect match among European brides in a few clicks, but their price will be higher than that of women from other regions. The cost of living in most EU states is rather high, so you may need $2,000 – $5,000 more to get a wife there.

Summing Up

Mai order brides have become a game changer for everyone seeking relationships since people looking for serious romances can find each other faster. Women interested in dating and marrying foreign men join mail order bride sites, and men register on the same platforms to meet, know, and attract the most adorable brides. It results in an impressive success rate of such affairs and many people who experience love, happiness and care from each other. Isn’t it a reason to look for a spouse on a mail order bride in 2024? Undoubtedly, have a try!

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